You in 2022: Jackie’s Story

Throughout January and February we’ll be featuring “You in 2022” –  a variety of stories from instructors and enthusiasts alike on what inspires them to be healthier. We hope they inspire you to make a healthy choice, too!

On August 2, 2010, I woke up in the hospital broken, not able to move, terrified and with no idea if I would ever be able to dance again. I had been involved in an awful car accident that day and had suffered two fractures in my cervical spine, along with fractures in my hip, pelvis, ribs, and foot.

Spending months at home healing and learning how to walk again, away from what was supposed to be my first year in the corp de ballet at the National Ballet of Canada, was only the beginning of my rehab journey. I was then offered help to get back to dancing by a very generous team of Pilates instructors. I knew it would be a long and grueling process, but I felt certain Pilates would provide the next step in the rehabilitation I was needing.

Everyone at Blue Moon Pilates welcomed me with open arms and helped me to build back my strength, not only physically but emotionally as well. I came to them with healed bones, but still broken down. I was weak and discouraged, but they trained me each day so that I could rebuild the muscles I needed to start back in the ballet studio. After many sweaty training sessions, I found that I could really reevaluate my ballet technique and come back as a stronger and more thoughtful dancer than I ever was before. They made me believe that with a mindful approach to physicality anything was possible, and that this tragic setback was not going to end my career, but instead strengthen me as a dancer, a person, and an artist.

Today in 2022, I have had a 12 year career as an artist with the National Ballet of Canada, performing in theaters from Toronto and New York City, to LA, Paris, Hamburg, and even Moscow. I have recently accepted a new company contract back in the USA, and I am so excited to be joining the incredible Houston Ballet in the summer of 2022. It’s been a journey not focusing on the destination, but on living in every moment. It is always wonderful to visit the team at Blue Moon Pilates when I can, and my commitment as a professional dancer to cross training has become a lifelong joy.

Established in July 2002, Blue Moon Pilates has been serving Southern California and Orange County as its premier Pilates Wellness and Education training studio. Owned and managed by Kelly Leonardi-Uygan, Blue Moon Pilates is also Southern California’s flagship Teacher Training studio for the internationally renowned Balanced Body Education. At Blue Moon Pilates our focus is on helping clients achieve their goals with our specialized programs. Our programs range from Privates to Group sessions which include Pilates and other functional fitness modalities and are taught by our caring, highly skilled, certified instructors.



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