You in 2022: From Student to Instructor

You in 2022: From Student to Instructor

Throughout January and February we’ll be featuring “You in 2022” –  a variety of stories from instructors and enthusiasts alike on what inspires them to be healthier. We hope they inspire you to make a healthy choice, too!

My name is Jacque James and I found peace in Pilates – it has changed my life and I look forward to my newfound career in 2022

I grew up in Pasadena, CA, and I spent every chance I could outside. Running, jumping, climbing, riding my bike in the middle of the street, and playing baseball in the streets under the streetlights. I ran track, played softball and baseball, and skateboarded/roller bladed/roller skated/biked all over the city of Pasadena. I graduated from high school and then attended college. Then I got married. Got a dog. Had a baby. Had another baby. Bought a house. Went back to school and graduated. I spent all of my adult career in healthcare, and I enjoyed my job.

I continued to move my body. In 2016 my daughter gifted me a Barre Class. I thought for sure the class was designed to assassinate me and that it was just not for me. I continued to move by walking, hiking and rowing.

Then I took a few Pilates Mat classes at the local gym that I had a long-standing membership with. I showed up a few times but made no real efforts to follow the class schedule. I popped in and out of classes here and there, but never looked at the class as a real workout. After all my sister, who never really enjoyed sports other than from the sidelines, liked Pilates.

And the cues, although most likely very well crafted and direct, seemed to sound like a foreign language.  I never could master any of the exercises. Most of the classes I attended were in large group settings. The exercises were demonstrated, but after that I basically relied on watching my classmates for self-correction.

Then, in 2018, a close friend of mine shared with me how much she enjoyed Pilates.  So, I purchased a Groupon for five-classes at a small studio nearby.

Bu this time I was determined to connect and get the most out of my Groupon. I was ready for my class. My only question was: what was a Reformer? During the first Reformer class the instructor asked if there were any first-time students, and I raised my hand. I can’t completely remember her instructions. I do remember her instructing me to watch the person next to me.  I returned for my second class. This instructor asked if there were any first-time students and I again raised my hand (after all it was my first class with this instructor). My mind was made up to finish out my five classes then get back to rowing, waking, and hiking. By the third class I had watched students and Google helped me with enough terms to at least understand the cues. I’m not sure if it was the workout, the cues, or me finally settling in and blocking everything else out, but I finally found my “peace”. I couldn’t get enough.

Two hundred plus classes later I was in love and had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Balanced Body Community Expansion Scholarship Program, where I had the amazing fortune to be mentored by Tonya Marie Amos and Misty Lynne Cauthen. This led me to Core Conditioning where I hoped to complete my observation/practice hours, etc.  I had no idea who I was really approaching.  Now I find myself with Balanced Body Master Instructors where I can learn and advance my Pilates knowledge.  And I am even going to be working there, which puts me on the path I was looking for as a “way out” of my current career into something new.

What’s next?

Complete my Balanced Body training, then back to the trainer room to learn everything possible about body movement principles and Pilates. Encourage people on a daily basis to embrace where they are today. Love yourself wherever you are on your journey. Stay actively committed and connected towards your journey. Find your peace, find the power to be authentically you, and practice Pilates.

I am honored to be working toward a career where I have passion and I am able to help others – especially during these difficult times.

After years of working in the Healthcare industry. I've decided to expand my passion for Pilates and become an instructor.



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