You in 2022: Designing Your New You!

You in 2022: Designing Your New You!

Throughout January and February we’ll be featuring “You in 2022” –  a variety of stories from instructors and enthusiasts alike on what inspires them to be healthier. We hope they inspire you to make a healthy choice, too!

Planning a “New You” for 2022? Do what you say you’re going to do by setting yourself up for success to embody your intentions. When we physically create something with our own hands, whether they are a few words written down in a journal, or photos/symbols pasted on vision board, we support mind-body harmony. Pilates practitioners know and love harmony. We connect to ourselves deeply in these harmonious processes, on a cellular and energetic level, through the physical actions of the Work. Similarly, acts of writing, illustrating, even intentionally focusing on images, creates a strong foundation for new patterns and actions to emerge in our daily mindsets. Where we put our attention is what flourishes. Our bodies do what our minds want them to do. We manifest new rituals and habits in our lives and embody our intentions. This simple consistency transforms us profoundly.

Whether journals or visual collages are your thing, here are some prompts for self-reflection to help you design the New You. Try doing them in order. Just allow the answers to flow from you, without judgement or worry. Have fun!

  1. Ask yourself, “What Do I Want”? “What Do I Really Want”? My meditation sessions often start with a Soul question like this. Answers can be expansive, “I desire world peace,” and personal, “I want to sleep eight hours every night.” When we deeply examine what we truly desire we are better able to create a story or a picture to focus on.
  2. Once you’ve established what it is you want, follow up with images and words that symbolize the life values that these desires honor. For example, if sleeping eight hours every night symbolizes health, then write out the word “Health” and then doodle the number 8 around it, or find a soothing image that reminds you of sleeping soundly.
  3. Explore a few perspectives. Imagine three people who inspire you. Describe each of them in 2-3 sentences, and/or include their images on your board. Focus on what impact they make on you. For example, “Dolly Parton inspires me with her philanthropy, intelligence and warm personality.”, “I admire Oprah Winfrey’s listening skills”. Through the lens of these perspectives, those of your archetypes, you explore the various ways you can design your New You. This helps you create a plan from a state of expansion with limitless possibilities.
  4. Choose a perspective and create a statement that describes a specific plan that you can apply.

You can even mix and match characteristics from each archetype’s perspective, “I want to be an active participant in creating world peace and will always deeply listen to what my neighbor is saying, instead of listening for what I want to hear.” The more specific the better.

Journals and vision boards are simple tools that keep us Centered.

It’s one thing to think about doing something, and another to actually do it. As my teacher and mentor Jay Grimes says about Pilates, “it’s simple, it might not be easy all of the time, but it is possible.” This applies to anything in our lives. Keep it simple, connect with your personal creative process, stay focused, and trust the possibilities. When we exercise our power in creativity, we increase our chances for success in however ways we chose to design our lives!

Regina is a Pilates instructor, Chopra meditation teacher and a seeker who lives through the lens of yoga. Her eight certifications point to a single purpose: that everything is connected. The way we think, the way we move, the way we rest, and the way we nourish ourselves, all contribute to the quality of our lives. She coaches clients to connect to their literal and spiritual core, to move from it, to understand it as their true essence. She works with her clients to strengthen these connections, to enhance pliability, to create adaptability; and ultimately harness their personal power to find fulfillment, resilience, and balance. A.C.C., NASM, Pilates Technique, Chopra and Yoga Tune Up® Certified IG: @wellbeingwithreg


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