You in 2022: Creating a Healthy New Year

You in 2022: Creating a Healthy New Year

Throughout January and February we’ll be featuring “You in 2022” –  a variety of stories from instructors and enthusiasts alike on what inspires them to be healthier. We hope they inspire you to make a healthy choice, too!

Make this New Year’s resolution stick by learning a few simple tips for creating habits that progress you forward toward consistent health and wellbeing. 

As the holiday season draws to a close and we look ahead to another year, one goal comes to mind for many people: getting back into shape! If that represents you, you are not alone. An estimated 90% of people in the United States create a goal or resolution each year, and nearly half of those resolutions relate to improving health.

As a health coach, I can attest to the numbers. However, the stats noted here are from 2019, and as you can imagine, the mood has changed in the last few years, given the stress of a global pandemic. While improving health is still a priority, it’s clear that many people are looking for sustainable and consistent improvements in health without adding additional stress to their days. As a person who looks for silver linings in all things, I love how this has given us a new perspective on improving our overall health.

Instead of the typical deprivation diet, the added stress of extreme workouts, or excessive exercise that often leads to missed goals and reverting to old habits, let me share some ways that will consistently move the needle forward toward improved health.

  1. Whole Foods First – Regardless of the diet you follow, choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables is always on the list. Nourishing the body with a boost of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, will leave you satiated, plus support digestion and boost energy.
  2. Energizing Exercise – Choose a cardio-based workout that will elevate your heart rate, challenge your respiratory system, and promote a healthy sweat!
  3. Healing Movement – Now is the time to address past or current injuries, aches, and pains. We all have them but, working toward improving movement will prevent injuries, support restful sleep, and keep you moving for years to come.
  4. Rest and Recovery – Are often forgotten but arguably the most critical pieces regarding health and wellbeing. Our body repairs itself during rest and sleep – this includes balancing hormones for weight loss support, mood, and muscle growth. Include 7-8 hours of sleep, daily meditation, and daily gratitude statements to promote positivity throughout your day.

With a focus on consistency, enjoying foods that fuel and nourish your body, and movement that invigorates rather exhausts you, your healthy New Year’s resolutions don’t have to fizzle out by February. Follow these simple tips and create habits that progress you forward long into this year and beyond.

Click Here to Access a free sample whole food eating plan.

Cheers to making this the best year yet!

Jodi Sussner, MS, is a Minneapolis-based Pilates instructor, movement coach, nutritionist, and entrepreneur. When not coaching or teaching, you can find her on the trails with her dog, Hudson, coaching gymnastics, or spending time with her husband and two boys. Instragram: LinkedIn: Web:


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