Work. Life. Balance. One Year in a Pandemic (3-Par...

Work. Life. Balance. One Year in a Pandemic (3-Part Series)

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Part 2: Life

How have you assessed your life during the pandemic? What was your life like before/during, and what will life be like after the pandemic?

What is your health, and how has it changed for better, worse, or unchanged? How has the rest of your family endured?

Assuredly my husband Bob and I assessed ours. As mentioned in part 1, we have both spent over 45 years working more than full time. Fortunately, though we both have worked more than 40 hours a week for years, one of our mutual loves is fitness; Bob was a marathoner; I’m a Pilates instructor. Owning our Pilates studio together has long been a bond. As a long-time insulin independent diabetic, working out has been paramount to maintaining control of diabetes.

Suddenly, during the shutdown, we evaluated everything. Bob quit his IT computer analyst job and retired to work full time at the studio at the beginning of the pandemic. I managed the studio from home, and immediately we started teaching Balanced Body Instructor Training online via Zoom. We initially had more time in general while quarantined at home. We committed to walking the neighborhood everyday and workout with the Pilates equipment we had in our house (and our studio was within a long but walkable distance).

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We realized in the past few years that work had distracted us from having a daily routine. As a diabetic, exercise daily is critical. COVID-19 disproportionally affects those with diabetes. Many people faced depression during the lockdown, and we found our daily walks and workouts lifted our hearts and spirits. When I had my annual physical after the first four months into the pandemic, my numbers were the best since I was in my teens. Ah, the magic of exercise.

Having to cook all the meals at home, we have been eating healthier. Bob and I always love being and working together, and we just loved having even more time to spend together. I have learned to be spontaneous (I am such a planner!), more adventurous (I can be a bit stodgy), and more creative. As the lockdown was removed, we have strived to maintain this even healthier lifestyle: it will continue to be a challenge as we are again busy.

We look forward to the times we can go back to ballroom dance, travel safely again, visit our beloved Disney World without worrying about crowds and indoor places. We have been truly fortunate to have just received our second COVID-19 vaccine. We will continue to mask and socially distance. Masks will be part of our life for the future for a while.

How has your life been during the pandemic? How has your exercise regimen been affected positively or negatively? How has your mental state been affected? How is your life? We decided ours is wonderful!

Co-Owner (with husband Robert) / Director of Pilates Instruction at Suncoast Pilates, Balanced Body Master Instructor, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT), Certified GYROTONIC® Instructor. Patricia is a "Second Generation Pilates Teacher" and "Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master™." She is both a Balanced Body Pilates Master Instructor and CoreAlign Master Instructor. As Suncoast Pilates is an approved Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Training Facility and Balanced Body Host site, Patricia teaches monthly Pilates instructor training and CoreAlign instructor training modules and workshops. Patricia is one of the area's most experienced and highly certified Pilates instructors. For more information, visit



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