Winter Workout

Got the winter “blahs”? Balanced Body Master Instructor Heather Low of Meridian Pilates in Vancouver, BC has the answer. Check out this fun and effective workout that will get your blood pumping and warm you up! All you need is a foam roller.

Heather works with a wide range of people, often assisting people who are dealing with pain, chronic injuries and other limiting conditions; helping them restore healthy movement and optimal physical progress in the face of their challenges. She is deeply interested in assisting people to ’round out’ their physical experiences in movement. Using tools primarily based in Pilates, but with aspects of fitness, developmental movement patterning and somatics, she assists people in recognizing where they are stuck in unbalanced patterns of movement, and where optimal movement has become elusive, leading to a cycle of injury. Heather helps Pilates participants develop strength, flexibility and awareness of physical preferences and challenges in a safe environment, supporting the balanced transformation of their mind, body and spirit. Heather was first introduced to Pilates in 1992 while studying modern dance at York University. The benefits in her own body were profound, and led to a desire to understand the system and concepts more deeply. In 1996 she trained in the comprehensive system of Pilates in Toronto with Moira Merrithew, the co-founder of STOTT PILATES®. Since 1998, Heather has worked as a teacher educator in the Pilates method: (STOTT PILATES® 1998-2000); an independent Meridian program (2001-2005); and has been a member of the Balanced Body® Education Faculty since 2011. Meridian Pilates Studio has been the BC host-site for Balanced Body® since 2010. Outside of the studio, Heather enjoys (and has enjoyed) other active pursuits such as yoga, Qi Gong, rock climbing, hiking, skiing, and other forms of fitness; not to mention, the busyness of home life with two children, a dog and a cat!



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