Winter Workout: Fire Up Your Breath

Amy Rost, Owner of ARC Pilates in beautiful Cochrane, Alberta Canada (nestled in the Canadian Rockies) gets the blood pumping and the breath flowing with the first of two quick and effective winter workouts!


Amy Rost, NCPT, is the Owner of ARC Pilates in Cochrane, Alberta Canada and the Founder of Pilates Fest North. She is the mother to four children. Prior to pursuing her passion in Pilates, Amy worked in private healthcare for 15 years as an Administrator of Disability Management. She is a certified comprehensively trained Advanced Level 5 Classical Pilates Teacher. Amy is a National Certified Pilates Teacher, an International Educator and Teacher Training Mentor. She enjoys working with a wide range of individuals including children, elderly, individuals with disabilities and athletes. Amy is always looking for ways to create connection, collaboration and community. She is passionate about cultivating community in every aspect of her life, business and Pilates practice



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