Why the Metro IQ® Reformer is a Home Workout Game ...

Why the Metro IQ® Reformer is a Home Workout Game Changer

As someone who is passionate about fitness and more specifically home workouts, finding the right home workout equipment has always been a top priority. Amongst the various fitness equipment that I use, the Balanced Body Metro IQ® Reformer stands out as a game changer in helping me achieve my fitness goals.

Here’s how and why the Metro IQ works so well for me.

One of the standout features of the Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer is its precision and versatility. It provides the full range of resistance levels (5 springs, 3 heavy, 1 medium, 1 light)  allowing me to tailor my workouts to my specific needs.  I can pretty much do everything that I can do at a Pilates studio but have the luxury of doing it in the comfort of my home.

The Metro IQ Reformer is sleek and compact and fits seamlessly into my home studio. Its collapsible frame allows me to keep it tucked away when it is not in use so I still have lots of space for my free weights + other home workout equipment.

The optional wheel attachment is a great feature as it means the reformer can be moved very easily. I have even managed to move my reformer workouts into the garden and to catch the last of warm weather this summer, training outside has been the ultimate bliss.

Comfort is crucial during workouts, and the Metro IQ Reformer has nailed this. The padded carriage provides a feeling of luxury and the smooth gliding motion adds to the overall enjoyment of my workouts.

The Balanced Body Metro IQ Reformer has become an integral part of my fitness routine and also a great tool for planning workouts for my clients/ group classes. I am very happy with the Metro IQ reformer and will use it for years to come.

5 Reasons to Love Reformer Pilates!

  1.  Boosts your mind-to-muscle connection
  2. Low-impact, but highly impactful
  3.  Dynamic, restorative & rehab-friendly
  4. Enhances yours strength, stability & mobility.
  5. It’s like having a mini gym for your entire body!


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Corinne Naomi is a Comprehensive Pilates instructor and personal trainer based in London, England. Her mission is to empower individuals through mindful fitness and Pilates. With a deep love for hybrid movement and a background in dance, Corinne combines artistry with fitness expertise. Her holistic approach values the mind-body connection, emphasizing mindset training alongside physical conditioning. Corinne’s fitness philosophy prioritizes mindfulness in every move, enhancing results and deepening the body-mind connection.



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