Why OPC Is Excited to Partner With Balanced Body

Why OPC Is Excited to Partner With Balanced Body

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Hey there!

My first Pilates class was on the Mat. I loved it from the 100! I felt parts of my body I never felt before. I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Pilates was and I changed my teams’ entire schedule so I could go 6x a week.

For a year, I only did the Mat. I honestly didn’t even know there was equipment. Didn’t know who Joseph Pilates was. Or any history about Pilates.

So, when I moved to LA and I saw a brick and mortar Pilates studio (my mat classes were at a yoga studio), I was intrigued. What was I even looking at? I’m sure you can relate? I mean, Pilates equipment doesn’t really look like anything else out there.

My first time on a Reformer I saw the name “Balanced Body®.” I had no idea how important that name was in the Pilates world. All I knew was I needed to do it again.

A year into my equipment journey as a client, my teacher suggested I become a teacher. And so I did. I started teaching in 2008.

My first program didn’t dive into the history of Pilates outside of Joseph Pilates. I was curious. Where did all this equipment come from?

Luckily, I found myself in Boulder, CO during a special week of workshops and Ken Endelman was there to share the history, as he knew it, about Joseph Pilates.

HOLY MOLY! My mind was blown away!! I also got to hear about how Ken started making Pilates Reformers. And from there, all the other pieces of Pilates equipment built by Balanced Body.

That sentence doesn’t even start to encompass the impact Balanced Body has made in the Pilates industry. In 2001, a few years before I went to my first class, Ken won a multi-year lawsuit that allowed teachers all over the world to call themselves Pilates teachers.

Ken and his Balanced Body crew didn’t stop there though. They continued to create equipment that would allow teachers and Pilates lovers around the world to have equipment that allowed them to get the amazing benefits of Pilates.

My path with Balanced Body kept crossing! In 2017 Ken gave me and Brad a tour of the entire shop. It was sooo fun to see how Reformers, chairs, you name it, were made. Yes, I totally went and looked at all the color possibilities.

But, in 2018 when the Contrology® Reformer and springs came to fruition, my love (slight obsession) grew even more!

My first time on the Contrology Reformer was love at first footwork. I was always trying to get length in my flexy spine on the carriage. But on the Contrology I immediately had length (long story but I wasn’t able to sink into a squishy carriage). My Long Stretch also changed instantly! I could go on and on but now I’m nerding out.

Today, when I’m home, I get on all my Contrology Equipment by Balanced Body daily. And, my home studio is an Approved Demo Center for their Contrology line! I’ll happily share with you why I love it all if you’re ever in town.

Their dedication to Pilates is inspiring. From big events for teachers to come and learn at, like their Pilates on Tour®, to making sure smaller studios get loved up on and feel supported. And now, helping Brad and I bring the Pilates tours we’ve been doing since 2019 to even MORE people.

Balanced Body and I have similar missions. We believe in more bodies doing Pilates. Fun community events where all our welcome, teachers and clients are what we are all about!

No matter who trained you or what style you’re loving today, Balanced Body has something for you.

Which is why I’m honored and so proud to be sharing they are the headlining sponsor of the OPC Summer Tour!! Together we can get to even more cities, meet more people, bring more communities together. And most importantly have fun getting more people doing Pilates!

Which city will we see you in?



LESLEY LOGAN is a PMA Certified Pilates Teacher and has been studying and teaching Joseph Pilates Classical Method since 2005 and 2008 respectively. She also has eight years of retail management experience, and six years managing studios regionally for Equinox fitness clubs. Lesley can be seen on, and recently has completed “The Work,” a masters program taught by one of Joseph Pilates “Elders,” Jay Grimes. Her book Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises was the seed that grew her coaching business. For more information on these tips and others to market your business, check out these courses. We also have blogs and live business webinars designed to convert first-time clients into lifetime clients and more! Web:



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