Why Contrology Made it Possible for Us to Open Our...

Why Contrology Made it Possible for Us to Open Our Doors

Opening Century Pilates studio in Arlington, TX, was not a question of want but of dire need. The majority of Pilates patrons in Arlington were at a disservice as the global investor community began to franchise Pilates studios. These gyms were popping up right and left, creating an environment that catered to the masses, not the individual, which ultimately morphed into a dangerous environment for clients needing specialized attention. My skillset was itching for a sanctuary to hone and share my craft and create a space that was authentic to the Pilates method I knew, and when it came to finding the right city, Arlington seemed the most obvious choice. Arlington, TX, is an American Dream City. We are home to the Dallas Cowboys, the Texas Rangers, General Motors, Six Flags Over Texas, and a host of global, domestic, and family-owned businesses. The location we chose for our studio is situated 18 miles between the epicenter of Forth Worth and Dallas, TX. It is the perfect central location for a well-equipped classical Pilates studio in North Texas.

When choosing the perfect location, aside from being conveniently located for the entire North Texas metroplex, it was essentially a turn-key & move-in ready studio, meaning we didn’t need to do a build-out and instead could give the existing space a facelift. The studio was a long-vacant Pure Barre studio. It had an expanse of mirrors and the square footage we needed to house our robust inventory of equipment realistically. Another perk was the incredibly high ceilings required for Cadillacs. It had two bathrooms, floor-to-ceiling windows for natural light, and three exit doors, letting in the fresh air on beautiful weather days. It had a well-lit and very large parking lot that was rarely, if ever, fully occupied.

When it came time to furnish our dojo, Contrology by Balanced Body was among the top 4 equipment manufacturers we were considering. The bulk of our equipment ended up being Contrology because they were the best choice for timing, quality, professional shipping and unpacking, and customer service, especially in March of 2020 during a global shutdown and much uncertainty among smaller classical mom & pop manufacturers. Other company’s wait times were detrimental to our new start-up business, which already had the hurdle of attempting to open a couple of weeks before “Shelter in place” was enacted, not to mention that after placing deposits on equipment, we didn’t know if some manufacturers would even re-open. Contrology made it possible for us to open our doors.

Our client base is comprised of those who place quality far above quantity. Our clientele are smart shoppers and do their due diligence. In our industry, classical Pilates studios have the ace in the hole; we still have complete control over our products and services.

Our client’s loyalty relies on factors such as smaller classes and more attention, quality education for all instructors, consistency with the style of Pilates taught, and safe and well-maintained apparatus that is not only quality but beautifully customized in fjord blue upholstery. Our studio esthetic and close-knit relationships are a vibe and the brand itself. Our Century Pilates community is also far-reaching, with many clients commuting beyond 40 minutes. Three-quarters of our day-to-day operations are private or semi-training clients with once or three times weekly standing appointments. Group classes are offered seven days a week for those interested in a more cost-effective option or those looking for comradery.

Owner & Creator of Century Pilates Studio & Instructor Training Program in Arlington, TX. Emily’s passion for proliferating quality classical Pilates led to her launching her internationally accredited comprehensive training program in 2021 improving the landscape for classical Pilates education globally.



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