What You Need to Know About our New Barre Program!

What You Need to Know About our New Barre Program!

We’ve been busy at Balanced Body! Along with adding new, refined, and updated equipment and accessories into our line of products; we’ve been busy ‘reforming’ our education – and guess what? We are working on restructuring our Barre program and training!

Balanced Body Barre is a low-impact, total-body workout inspired by ballet and driven and progressed by Pilates and Fitness. We offer a unique approach to barre training with cardio elements, strength training using body weight and core conditioning through Pilates exercises and principles. This fusion format offers all the benefits of rhythmic movement, high repetition strength work, athletic dance moves, core work in all positions in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, fun-to-take barre training. It offers modifications for all levels in the group exercise environment (in person or virtual). The course is divided into 4 modules to help students take in the work and be able to teach it easily. Balanced Body Barre improves overall fitness levels while bringing out your inner dancer mixed with your outer superpower human strength! 

10 Things That You’ll Love About Balanced Body Barre:

  1. Simplifies the combination of dance, fitness, and Pilates movements.
  2. Easy drills to review and learn the concepts of teaching to the beat of the music.
  3. No set or required choreography, yet drills and options for sequencing and cueing are included, leaving room for endless creativity.
  4. Strategies for getting down and up from the floor – useful for Barre classes AND for personal training and group fitness classes and sessions.
  5. Module-based training to help break up information, so it is easily digestible.
  6. Pilates and Movement principles are covered to lay the groundwork for safe and effective cueing and teaching.
  7. The education for the use of props, music, class programming, and more can be applied to almost any class format or personal training session.
  8. The focus on alignment and posture helps to add ease, grace, and strength for everyone, while also making everyday activities easier and more accessible.
  9. It is an accredited program with CECs provided for ACE, NASM, AFAA, ACSM, and NPCP.
  10. It’s FUN! 

This live and/or online instructor training course has been designed with a practical and fun approach that will prepare you to teach Barre classes with ease. In this course, you will learn the art of teaching a safe, effective, and challenging Balanced Body Barre class. The material has been divided into four easy-to-follow teaching modules. You will learn to create a great experience for your students in a variety of settings. Finally, you will gain information on basic anatomy and movement principles that will help lay a foundation for understanding how to teach mind/body and group exercise classes or program a personal training session with a Barre-esque feeling.

Come meet us at the Barre, raise the Barre, Get Down, and Get Up!


Look for updated Barre content coming from Portia and an awesome team of instructors soon, and big thanks to Misty Lynne Cauthen, Staci Alden, and Jason Williams for their contribution.

You can find them all here on Instagram: Portia Page @portiapage Jason Williams @charmcitypt Misty Lynne Cauthen @mistylynnecauthen Staci Alden @stacialdengf

Portia is a teacher, international presenter and author and has been in the fitness industry 30 years. The Education Curriculum Coordinator as well as a Principle Educator for Balanced Body, the author of Pilates Illustrated, Portia is ACE, NASM and AFAA certified, a RYT® 200 with Yoga Alliance, as well as a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher and CEC provider through NPCP. She is also a Cancer Exercise Specialist and studied under the Cancer Exercise Training Institute (CETI).



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