Take Your Ultra-Fit Circle Outside!

During the warmer months, I definitely prefer to take my movement outside if I can; building up a strong immune system and soaking in some Vitamin D! In this segment, I’m sharing a short, low-impact functional circuit that can be done with your Ultra-Fit Circle and your favorite park bench!

In the abdominal series, we use the circle as a guide to maintain the head in proper alignment, placing one pad at the base of the skull. Beginning with the thoracic spine in extension over the edge of the bench, we go into chest lifts. You may regress this movement by placing the feet on the bench or sliding down on the bench for less extension. You will then take this same variation and add rotation, bringing the opposite rib to the opposite thigh, with the option to increase the difficulty by incorporating single leg stretch, thus making it a criss-cross variation.

The second portion of the series combines the upper body with the lower body (thanks to the Ultra-Fit circle). I don’t know about you, but I love a good multi-tasking exercise. Placing the circle between the thighs, begin by squeezing your circle with the inner thighs 3 times, then drop it low into tricep dips and repeat this sequence. Rounding off the circuit we’ll be doing Bulgarian lunges with an added chest contraction on your Ultra-Fit circle and spinal rotation. Squeeze the circle as both legs bend, then challenge your balance and posture further by rotating the spine as you come out of the lunge.

Each exercise can be done 8-12x, going through the whole circuit 3-5x.

Click HERE or the image below, to follow the workout!

Ultra Fit Circle Pilates Outdoors

Heidi Coles is a BASI Certified Pilates Instructor as well as a Pre & Postnatal Pilates Specialist under LiveLife Pilates. She has 8 years of teaching under her belt, alongside 14 years of practice. Recently, Heidi underwent a new studio transition to Konnect Pilates in Mission Viejo, CA in order to continue to grow as a Pilates educator and advance in her own practice. With a dance, acrobatic, and aerialist background, Heidi’s attention to form and detail as well as the energy she brings to each session often leaves her clients feeling encouraged, stronger and more empowered. Find Heidi here: Instagram: @pilateswithnrg YouTube: Heidi Marie Coles Twitter: @LittleMissNRG



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