Travel and Work: 5 Great Tips

Travel and Work: 5 Great Tips

Want to travel for work? It isn’t always champagne wishes and caviar dreams! But, done right, it can be exciting and worth it!

One of my side hustles is to be a fitness and Pilates educator, allowing me to travel occasionally. At first, getting on a plane, staying at a hotel where you don’t have to make your bed, and exploring a new city were great. Well, after 16 years, things have changed. Here are a few travel tips that still make it all worth it!

  • Get a credit card that provides travel perks. Even better if you can get an airplane credit card that gives you bonuses for being a repeat customer. I love getting complimentary seat upgrades on flights and annual free companion tickets. I use the credit card often to maximize my miles to keep the perks coming! Loyalty has its privileges!
  • Expand your food palette! What better way to try new and exciting cuisine? For a good solid five years, I traveled with our company’s sales manager, who was big on experiencing great food. He was amazing at booking all of our meals. After working all day at a conference – the last thing I wanted to do was research and try to book dinner. I suggest booking via an app such as Open Table or calling your favorite restaurant directly a few days before your arrival. Remember – if you are traveling for work, everyone else is probably trying to figure out the same dinner plans. Plan ahead, make a reservation, and now you have one less thing to consider. Side note – many booking apps work with your loyalty airlines, so link your accounts to get more rewards!
  • Hydrate and pack your favorite healthy snacks. Travel can take a toll on your health. I remember Pre-COVID traveling to multiple cities per month. My focus shifted away from my health and onto my work itinerary – bad idea! Since COVID, I’ve done a complete overhaul of my focus. I make sure to take my water bottle and fill it immediately once I get to my gate, hotel, and conferences. Water is key! Additionally, healthy snacks are always available to me in my backpack. You never know when you don’t have time to grab food or if you need a quick energy boost.
  • Check out similar businesses. Traveling to different places also has allowed me to check out companies that are similar to mine. I got to ask questions, be a client, and absorb all the cool things others did. This kept my mind thinking of what I wanted to add back home and allowed me to stay fresh!
  • Keep learning. Leading teacher trainings on the road has also been an excellent way for me to learn and grow! Everyone has their own style of delivery – it has been refreshing to see how different trainers inspire and lead throughout the world. I love picking up little bits and pieces to incorporate into my teaching. Never stop learning.

All in all, I still love traveling for work. What keeps it exciting is ensuring I find a balance between home life and travel. The biggest perk is when my spouse’s schedule matches mine, and we can travel together. It is always rewarding the share travel moments with the person you love!



Nico Gonzalez is the studio owner of Fitness Physiques by Nico G and Vital Lab, an international fitness educator, trainer, and motivational speaker. Certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE) for group fitness and personal training. Nico travels across the country and beyond training Pilates instructors in the Balanced Body Pilates teacher trainer program. In this regard, he is able to deliver certificates and trainings in all aspects of Pilates, CoreAlign, Bodhi Suspension, MOTR, and Anatomy in 3 Dimensions. He travels extensively delivering trainings in fitness facilities and studios alike. Nico has presented internationally, including being a presenter at IDEA World, SCW (USA), Can-Fit-Pro (Canada), Fitnesslandia (Italy), World Class (Moscow, Russia) and in Chile, South America.. Many trainers continue to ask for his practical approach to instruction and easy to follow formulas of success. He has been credited as a contributing creative editor in multiple Pilates manuals. Nico is featured in multiple Pilates videos and podcasts that showcase his creativity in movement and inspiration.



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