The Giving Gift of a Total Knee Replacement

The Giving Gift of a Total Knee Replacement

Balanced Body Pilates Rehab

On March 29, 2014, I was thrilled to get a Total Knee Replacement (TKA). Why would I be thrilled by such a massive surgery? Let me give you the back story.

I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) but live as actively as possible even with intense joint pain, minimal use of my hands, and bilateral fused elbows. Living with RA, I found ways to build strength to enjoy the fun adventures and athletic pursuits in my life. My knees, especially my right one, were affected by my RA, and while years of strengthening kept me going, the joint became bone on bone.

My surgery was inevitable; it was time for a NEW KNEE! The surgeon did his job, and then Sam and I got to work with rehab. Sam Schmidt, PT, NCPT, introduced me to the CoreAlign and the Pilates Reformer, where I could rebuild trust, strength, control, and joy in my movement again.

My body loved the facilitation these machines provided. I connected my mind with my body through powerful experiences that challenged my nervous system on how to organize and prepare for a given task with my new knee and RA limitations.

Because of my severe RA and the associated joint changes in my hands, wrists, and elbows, my relationship with movement is dynamic. I have learned how to modify, pace, load, and challenge my body to build that relationship positively. My work on the Pilates Reformer and CoreAlign amplified my ability to maximize the power of movement on my body – RA and all. I was hooked and felt the impact and potential Pilates had on one’s body and life.

Sam clearly sensed my passion and saw my results from the Pilates rehab experience. She suggested I teach Pilates. I was already a Personal Trainer and was ready to share this method with my clients to improve their potential.

In 2016, I started with CoreAlign Instructor Training. Once I saw the changes in my clients and the continued success in my own body, I moved on to my Comprehensive Pilates Certification. I have been studying, teaching, developing my Pilates self ever since. Pilates and CoreAlign allow the client to play, move with ease, then challenge and find even more ease with even more challenge.

Pilates and CoreAlign are game-changers – in rehab and in the studio. I am a success story on what Pilates and CoreAlign can do. I am honored to share this passion with my clients and see this movement change their lives. My Total Knee Replacement was a gift beyond simply changing tissue or bone on bone. The rehab using Pilates was the gift of redefined power embodied as a movement. This is what I give to those I work with – the challenge for change through movement, through Pilates for life!



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