The KRN Pilates app: A Q&A with app user Micha...

The KRN Pilates app: A Q&A with app user Michael Brown

Kathi Ross-Nash’s official app  – the KRN Pilates App – is based on her Red Thread master instructor training program. It includes a huge array of tutorials & workouts featuring the authentic Pilates Mat program as developed by Joseph Pilates. We recently caught up with one of Kathi’s students, Michael Brown, who has been an avid user of the app for awhile.


Q: Are you a Pilates Instructor, studio owner or Pilates practitioner (client)?

A: I call myself a dedicated student of the Pilates Method.  I have no desire to teach, other than to be my own best teacher.  I guess I also qualify as a studio owner as I have about two-thirds of a complete studio in my home in Sarasota, Florida.


Q: Do you primarily practice classical Pilates, contemporary Pilates, or a hybrid Pilates practice?

A: I prefer not to use those labels.  They have become so overused that they have lost much of their meaning, at least to me.  I practice Pilates as we believe Joe Pilates taught the method he called Contrology at his New York gym.

I started 4 years ago in a studio in Sarasota, Florida that practiced a more modern form of Pilates.  I quickly found true-to-Joe Pilates and have not looked back.  I have taken Kathi Ross-Nash’s Zoom classes and workshops since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and have attended several of her workshops at the Red Thread Ranch.

Q: Which section or functionality is most useful for you?

A: The Add Next Exercise functionality allows you to build your own workouts which is really cool – and there is a lot to choose from! The app contains over 550 exercises and workouts!

I also like Guest Instructor workouts. They feature excellent teachers like Blossom Crawford, Joel Crosby, Amanda Diatta and more.


Q: Which section or functionality is least useful for you?

A: None, I have used them all!


Q: Which is your favorite guest workout?  And why?

A: Anything with Blossom Crawford.  I adore Blossom and relate well to the vocabulary of Kathy Grant, her esteemed teacher.


Q: If you could add additional content or functionality to the app, what would it be?

A: The app is fairly complete for my needs.  I could see an enhanced student-teacher functionality.


Q: As a client — Has the app improved your personal Pilates practice? And if so, how?

A: It has.  It has made me focus more on the quality of my workouts and the details of each exercise.


Q: How often do you use the app?

A: Daily, at least for tracking my Pilates workouts.  Weekly for other functions.  I use the Apple Watch App to track my workouts. The App is compatible with Apple Health.


Q: How long have you been using the app?

A: I was fortunate to be able to download it three days before it was officially released! This is a must have for anyone looking to enhance their matwork and matwork teaching!


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