The KRN Pilates App: 550+ Exercises in the Palm of...

The KRN Pilates App: 550+ Exercises in the Palm of Your Hand!

Lists of exercises. Too many times that’s what we were given – just lists of exercises. We were told to “use the system” and “teach the method” from these lists of exercises. But we were never taught how!

We were never taught how to progress a client and build exercises according to the new skills needed as each exercise progresses and builds off the One Hundred. This was my motivation to quantify and clarify how to use the apparatus to create the ability and knowledge of the skills needed to successfully build, strengthen and challenge my clients.

Enter the Red Thread Method of Pilates. This is a systematically developed and proven method. After 40 plus years in the Pilates method, and 30 plus years of training clients and teachers, I had developed an easy to follow methodology, now utilized successfully by teachers worldwide. I witnessed the Red Thread Method become an environment for forwarding progression, meeting a client at their level – whatever that level is. I wanted to share the skills to build the exercises correctly first – not teach incorrectly and constantly be correcting what they learned incorrectly.  I wanted to put this power into the hands of all instructors. We have finally done it with the KRN Pilates App powered by Balanced Body!

I am so excited to share with YOU the ability to build your clients’ skills from two vantage points. The Add Next, which builds a balanced workout, and the Thread, which utilizes spinal function to strengthen what is weak and challenge what is strong. How do you build and progress? Simply go to the Add Next or Thread button of your choice and click! You will receive four different exercises on four different apparatus to build the skills needed to develop that exercise. In the exercise Threads section, you can find 160+ suggested workouts specific to every point in the progress of your client. The KRN Pilates App saves these exercises automatically in one of my favorite parts of the app – the “My workout” section.

This is where I keep my current workout “starred” and ordered, so I can easily open the app and customize it. Within the App I can save past workouts, create new workouts, and add them all to the calendar.

We filmed 550+ exercises and instructional videos  – the entire fundamental mat repertoire. We also invited some of my friends to film Red Thread workouts so we can feature their amazing talent for teaching and movement as well. And we are working on filming more workouts of me showing how to identify what thread to work on with your clients.

The KRN Pilates App is meant to be a comprehensive library for Pilates instruction. The goal is to make a tool every instructor wants to have this on their and their client’s phones. Whether it’s as a quick reference, an everyday tool for programming sessions, or even a personal tool for improving your own practice – I want this to be your tool, to make teaching easier and more fun, for both you and your clients.

Check out the KRN Pilates App!

Downloadable via iPhone or Android (includes 14 day FREE trial)!


Check out our Contrology (classical) apparatus!

Mother, Author, Model, Photographer & Creator of the Red Thread® Method. Kathi owns KRN NY Pilates and Red Thread®Ranch. Her training program, Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training Program - The Red Thread®, LLC, is for comprehensively trained classical Pilates instructors seeking to advance their practice. In April of 2022, Kathryn produced and launched, along with Balanced Body, the KRN Pilates App. A one of a kind application, which puts the Red Thread Method in the palm of your hand. Visit Her Website Here:



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