The Final Touch: A Q&A with Lue Khang

The Final Touch: A Q&A with Lue Khang

Balanced Body Pilates Equipment

Behind The Design
A new series featuring the amazing people who design and craft all our Pilates Equipment!
This month we’re featuring Final Assembly.


Final Assembly by Balanced BodyQ: What is your title and how long you have been here?

A: I’m a crew leader for final assembly and I’ve been with Balanced Body for 22 ½ years now.


Q: Have you ever worked in other departments?

A: We all help each other out here. So, while I never had another department as my “home base”, I have assisted in other departments when needed.


Q: What do you like most about working on your assembly team?

A: Everyone on the team is super friendly. And we all appreciate and take pride in the detail that goes into our work.


Q: What do you like most about working at BB?

A: You know, I’m pretty lucky – I grew up loving woodworking and assembling things, so working in this capacity at Balanced Body really allows me to practice my passion.


Q: What’s the hardest/most challenging part about final assembly?

A: Easy question – especially these last two years. The most challenging aspect to me is supply and demand. Due to Covid-19 our supplies have been limited, which creates a challenging quota and getting our customers orders out in a timely fashion. We get it done, but it’s been difficult.


Q: Can you give me a high-level view of the process have to follow? Is one product harder than others?

A: Well first off, the guideline I have my team follow for any assembly process is to do it with a high level of is quality and consistency. Balanced Body has a huge variety of products, so is one harder to build than others? To me, I say no. We provide excellent training and with this training, anybody can build our equipment. Now some equipment pieces do require more parts, so it may take longer to compete but not harder to build.

Check out the video and meet the Final Assembly team:

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