The Best Home Reformer is the Metro™ IQ® Re...

The Best Home Reformer is the Metro™ IQ® Reformer

When I filmed some of these individual workout videos on the MetroIQ® Reformer, I got a chance to use it extensively. And let me tell you –  IT’S PRETTY COOL! I’ve been keeping an eye on the Metro IQ for a while now, and after finally using it in person, I’m definitely going to get one. Here are some of the reasons why the Metro IQ is amazing:

  1. It is perfect for an in-home Reformer. The Metro IQ is well-designed, from the springs to the footbar (and even the jumpboard). It has all the aspects of your traditional Reformer, so the familiarity is still there. And it’s very stable.
  2. The Metro IQ is easy to store. If you are like me and have a smaller in-home studio, the Metro IQ is an easy “move around”. The frame collapses (or telescopes) into a smaller size. You can get two types of wheels for it – Library or Wheelbarrow – so you can roll it out of the way, store it under a bed, or even position it upright in a corner or closet.
  3. I love the accessibility of the Metro IQ. It is closer to the floor and very accessible for different body types – no matter their height and size. 
  4. You can do all of your Reformer exercises and even get creative with other modalities because it’s a smaller and, as I said before, more easily accessible Reformer. For example, doing cardio exercises next to it, then a Reformer exercise, then back to cardio for a Reformer interval cardio circuit.
  5. Quite simply, if you are looking to invest in a Reformer for your home, this is one to get!  

Check out Jason’s Inner Thigh Stretch on the Metro IQ Reformer:


Jason has been in the health and fitness industry since 2002. As a former college track athlete, his focus is integrating mind body techniques using fitness, pilates, barre, reiki and meditation. He has created programs for pilates barre teacher training, written articles for mindbodygreen, Pilates style magazine, prevention health and more. Jason has written four kids health and wellness books, "The Adventures of Frankie Fitness". He currently teaches and trains in Baltimore, Md and Miami, Fl., and on Pilates Anytime and with Balanced Body Education®.



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