“Teachers Move the World” Giveaway Win...

“Teachers Move the World” Giveaway Winners: Read the Winning Submission!


NOTE: Last week, to honor Pilates and movement instructors during International Teacher’s Week, we held our “Teachers Move the World” Instagram giveaway where clients and students could nominate an instructor that has greatly impacted them. The grand prize? Two passes and lodging to our first live event in nearly three years, Pilates on Tour Chicago!

And the winners are… Kelli Macauley and her instructor Patricia Massey Welter of Suncoast Pilates in Palm Harbor, FL! Read Kelli’s submission below!

When the pandemic derailed my 2020 summer plans, I had the opportunity to explore other options to use my dance experiences in a way that connected my own love of movement and health with a career that could benefit others. Knowing how Pilates can change people’s lives, I, thankfully, landed in Pat’s studio to take a Balanced Body instructor class.

From the moment I walked through her door, I knew I had found my place and she has proven that over and over. Pat is an exceptional teacher but she is also a passionate instructor who believes that Pilates can and does offer a new life to many people who struggle with pain, physical disabilities, and mental health issues. She showed me, through example and mentoring, how I, too, could impact the lives of others through Pilates.

Pat has supported me and encouraged me. She has mentored me and answered every question I have asked. She is patient. She is kind. She has a tremendous knowledge of Pilates and an incredible wealth of experience that she has willingly shared with me. Because of Pat, I have received my comprehensive certification and I am teaching classes. I am especially drawn to how Pilates can help people with underlying disease live their best life. I will continue to learn from Pat as she makes herself available to her students to encourage them to be the best instructors they can be. I aspire to become a master teacher because Pat has shown me how important it is to pay it forward. I am grateful to Pat (and her husband, Bob) for their passion, patience, and guidance. I only hope I am half the Balanced Body ambassador she is! 

Balanced Body thoroughly believes that movement can change people’s lives. We are the leading resource for Pilates and mindful movement equipment, information and education for fitness centers, studios, rehabilitation facilities and home enthusiasts.



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