SITFIT® Plus: Perfect for Active Sitting

SITFIT® Plus: Perfect for Active Sitting

Millions of people are required to sit for 8 hours or more a day. Making activity simple, accessible, and part of our daily routine is the key to offsetting the health risks of prolonged sitting and inactivity. 


Recent research suggests taking small movement snack breaks throughout the day – or “active sitting” – benefits our health. When sitting, it’s better to move and fidget than to seek one “perfect posture”.

The SITFIT® Plus from SISSEL® is a fabulous device for moving while sitting or as a tool for creating movement snacks throughout the day. Here are some simple exercises you can do on it.

Sitting pelvic mobility

Sit with feet flat on the floor, hands resting gently on the thighs. Place the SitFit with either the round (more challenging) or square (less challenging) side facing forward. Play with pelvic mobility forward/back, side to side and in a clock (not pictured). 3-5x each variation. Coordinate the movement with your breath for a mindful movement snack.

Seated marching

Remain seated and float one leg at a time into hip flexion. Remain as quiet as possible in the torso and standing leg. Does the pelvis move? Do the shoulders, hands or neck tense? Can you keep the breathing deep and relaxed? 3-5x

Forward fold/side to side

Sit with legs wide, slightly turned out and feet flat. Fold forward from the hips, arms on thighs, center or outside the legs. Return to center. Fold over each leg. 3-5x each position.

Supine pelvic mobility feet flat and in 90/90

Lie supine with feet flat, knees bent, and place the SitFit under the pelvis. Coordinating with the breath, rock the pelvis forward and back, side to side, and in clock motion. 3-5x each way. For an additional challenge, repeat with legs in 90/90 (not picture legs in 90/90 (not pictured)


Lindy Royer is the founder of PM Center for Movement, a Personal Mastery and Integrated Movement company based in Centennial CO. She is a PMA-certified Physical Therapist and a member of the Balanced Body faculty. In her role at Balanced Body, Lindy brings her expertise in Physical Therapy, movement, pain science, and personal mastery to the exploration of whole body efficiency and health.



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