Should You Teach Pilates in a Gym?

Should You Teach Pilates in a Gym?

Teaching Pilates in a gym can have a bad rep, but there are so many benefits including client leads, expanding your clientele, excitement and opportunities, and employment benefits.

Oh geez… did I just open up a can of worms with the title, Teaching Pilates in a Gym?   Sometimes Pilates instructors think of ‘gym Pilates’ as not the real thing or that gym-goers don’t really care to learn the method and are trying to fuse everything HIIT with Pilates so they can get their sweat on. But the thing is, people are people, and we are all capable of enjoying the Pilates method, and let’s face it- we all NEED Pilates!

I feel like working in a gym, or even ‘gym Pilates,’ can get a bad rep, but I am here to write about the reasons I LOVE it.

From the Pilates Teacher’s perspective:

Tons of leads and the perfect opportunity to expand your demographic! – At many of our gyms, we have 3,000-6,000 members.  This means 3,000-6,000 potential Pilates clients. They are standing right there in front of you, in gym shoes, warmed up and ready to work out!

Gyms get a wide variety of people through the doors. Most gym members sign up for treadmills and weights and they might not necessarily know that they want or need Pilates.  This means that they are the PERFECT opportunity for you to expand your reach and spread the love of Pilates to even more people who can really benefit from it.

Stimulation!–  Working at a gym is exciting.  There is music, lots of energy, and lots of opportunity for engagement with people and with exercise.  You will be surrounded by knowledgeable trainers, and group fitness instructors and club managers. You will teach what you know and be exposed to many opportunities to learn things you don’t know!  It will pep you up and keep you feeling young!

Employment benefits and professional growth. – Being a part of a bigger organization, like a gym, has a multitude of employment benefits.  You can qualify for health insurance, HSA, Flex accounts, and 401k benefits…and my favorite, PAID TIME OFF!  In addition, there are likely department or club-wide bonuses that you can earn.

Let’s also talk about career growth and longevity- A gym will often promote its staff to lead trainers, department managers, directors and more! Pilates Instructors are often encouraged to communicate their skills with the leadership team and expand their roles within the organization!

If you like to be in an energetic environment that thrives on the growth of its members and its employees, a gym is a great place to teach Pilates!

Kristin Strom began working in the fitness industry in 1997 and has never looked back. She taught group fitness and did personal training, at many of the health clubs and independent training studios in Chicago, while earning a degree in Kinesiology from UIC. Kristin has been fortunate to learn Pilates, how to teach Pilates, and how to run a successful Pilates business from the top managers and trainers in the city. Over the past two decades she has soared at Fitness Formula Clubs in Chicago. From Group Fitness Manager to Pilates Coordinator, then Fitness Director to her current position as as the Regional Pilates Manager Kristin leads with enthusiasm and passion. Kristin is a triathlete and a 13-time marathon finisher who believes that a strong and balanced core is the most important factor to having a body that feels good and moves efficiently. “I am really inspired by the effects of doing Pilates with consistency. As the core gets stronger and movement becomes more mindful, life just gets better and better!” -KS



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