Rialto® Reformer – Rewarding, Restorative an...

Rialto® Reformer – Rewarding, Restorative and Remarkable!

I recently asked ChatGPT ( an artificial intelligence chatbot ) what the best things about the Rialto® Reformer were.  Here is what it told me:

  1. Quality: Balanced Body is renowned for its high-quality Pilates equipment, and the Rialto Reformer is no exception. It’s built to last with strong, durable materials and careful craftsmanship.
  2. Comfort: The Rialto Reformer is designed for user comfort, with padded footrests, shoulder blocks, and a well-cushioned carriage.
  3. Adjustability: It offers adjustability for various body sizes and flexibility levels, including adjustable ropes, headrests, and foot bar positions.
  4. Storage: The Rialto Reformer is relatively compact. This makes it a good choice for home use or in settings where space is limited.
  5. Accessories: The Rialto Reformer is compatible with Balanced Body’s range of accessories, allowing you to modify your workout according to your needs or fitness level.
  6. Pre-installed standing platform: Unlike many Reformers that require an additional purchase for a standing platform, the Rialto includes it already. This platform is essential for performing a variety of standing exercises.
  7. Quiet & Smooth: Users often appreciate how quietly this machine operates, along with the smooth gliding motion of the carriage.

And yes, that is all definitely true.  Here is where ChatGPT proves itself inferior to humans….as a cofounder of House of Core, a new Pilates Studio in Brentwood, California, my partners Wendy, Paula, and I have actually spent a lot of time both doing and teaching Pilates on this Reformer…unlike ChatGPT!  We spent two years planning our studio, and it was Wendy, who suggested that we use the Rialto.  I had my heart set on something different.   Something I was more familiar with. I am so grateful that we went with the Rialto instead.  It is THE MOST comfortable Reformer I have ever been on.  The cushion is so….. cushy! We also sprung for the fuzzies, so the experience at our studio is quite luxurious overall (if you can disregard the burning and sweating!)

The Rialto is a hybrid – the perfect combo of aluminum and wood. The engineering must be incredible because it is so smooth and quiet; it literally does not make a sound.  I always joke that we do not have Cadillacs in our studio, we have Bentleys, a class act ride! As someone with many injuries from accidents and scoliosis (thank you, Pilates!) I truly treasure being on the Rialto.  It makes doing Pilates an even more elevated experience.  It enables me to push myself and our clients further.  I feel more tempted to hop on the Reformer more often because it’s just so soothing and healing.  And the response from our clients has been overwhelming. We have developed specific programming for House of Core that calls for maximum burnout in muscle groups.  Our classes are named things like “Hardcore” and “KillerCore” – so are less traditional and more athletic and contemporary.  The Rialto takes the edge off for clients and offers the advantage and support for them to push past their limits.



I am a Pilates Instructor, a Health Coach, as well as certified in Yin Yoga, and Reiki. A Mother, as well as an artist at heart, my focus is on emphasizing the Mind/Heart/Body connection and healing. I began my Pilates journey in 2008 during a big life change. What I discovered was not only did Pilates give me strength and flexibility physically, it also increased my mental fortitude, and perhaps most importantly, I found a community of sisterhood that I had never known before.



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