Q&A with PT-Rehab Professionals: Carrie Lamb

Q&A with PT-Rehab Professionals: Carrie Lamb

After graduating from PT school, where did you start your professional career?

I began in Oregon working at a traditional outpatient orthopedic clinic with no Pilates equipment. When I moved back to Colorado, I transitioned to a clinic with a variety of Pilates equipment which sparked my interest in incorporating Pilates into my PT practice.


When did you decide to “go out on your own” and open your PT clinic?

Around 2018, I transitioned from working full-time at a university hospital to seeing clients more independently. Then, in 2020, I opened my first brick-and-mortar clinic, which was a significant step forward in establishing my PT with Pilates practice.


What Pilates workshop/training did you find was most beneficial for you?

I was originally certified through Polestar and later bridged into Balanced Body Education®. What I found most valuable was experiencing different viewpoints within the Pilates world, including classical training and various perspectives on teaching methods. This diversity enriched my understanding and practice of Pilates.


How did you first introduce Pilates in your clinic?

I primarily introduced Pilates with Reformers, initially focusing on one-on-one sessions with patients. Over time, I expanded to incorporate CoreAlign® and other equipment, tailoring the choice of equipment to each patient’s needs and level of functionality.


How quickly did you see Pilates embraced by your clinicians and patients?

The appeal of Pilates as a rehabilitative tool became evident as clients experienced its benefits and expressed a desire to continue. Pilates offered a different perspective on movement, focusing on what clients could do rather than what they couldn’t, which resonated well with many individuals seeking rehabilitation.


When did you expand your Pilates offerings in the clinic to include small group training or something similar?

I gradually expanded into small group training as demand grew and I saw the benefits of personalized attention in small settings. While larger group classes have their place, I find that small groups allow for more individualized instruction and a deeper connection with clients, which aligns with the rehabilitative focus of my practice.


Where are you today?

Today, my clinic offers a combination of services, including small group classes, private sessions with Pilates instructors, private sessions with Physical Therapists, and cash-based Physical Therapy. We’re striving to strike a balance between providing high-quality care and making it accessible to a wide range of clients. Additionally, we’re focusing on growing our team of instructors and therapists to meet the market demand for our services.

CARRIE A. LAMB, PT, DPT, OCS, CoreAlign Master Instructor, Nationally Certified Pilates Instructor. Carrie Lamb is a studio owner and board-certified orthopedic physical therapist with over 20 years in practice. Her Pilates training is eclectic with certifications from Polestar and Balanced Body. These two programs combined with her physical therapy background have transformed Carrie’s understanding of the integration of mind, body, and movement.



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