Q&A with ‘Emily in Paris’ Actress...

Q&A with ‘Emily in Paris’ Actress Ashley Park and Client of Brandon Perry

Why choose to do Pilates for yourself?

Doing Pilates helps me to strengthen, center, and balance my entire body and breath, while exercising muscles that are otherwise not engaged and also bring clarity and focus to my mind.

What is your favorite muscle group to train and why?

My favorite muscle group to train now, happens to also be the area I used to least enjoy exercising: my core. Pilates has engaged me with my core and all its facets in a way that feels progressive and intentional. Every exercise in Pilates is most effective, and also possible, with engaging the core. And now I get excited to work that muscle group out.

What’s your favorite Pilates move?

Anything that stretches my upper and mid back in a way that I normally can’t access. I also enjoy planks and hip hinges using the reformer

What do you enjoy most about Pilates?

I can feel my breaths are dee

per and more in tune with my body after a Pilates session. I like that I never get bored as my private sessions with Brandon are never the same and he’s always finding new ways of using the reformer. It feels like Pilates affords infinite possibilities of exercises.

What’s your daily mantra or personal motto?

I’m a big believer of ‘silver linings’ in any and every situation.

How do you describe yourself in three words?

High-spirited, deep-feeling, empathetic

What’s one of your go-to snacks?

Dried mangos and Sour Patch kids

What’s something you cannot live without?

Chapstick. And honestly, water (same for us all, eh?) hahaha. But really, I’ve found prioritizing hydration lately to be essential to staying healthy and energetic amidst my schedule.


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At a young age Brandon began his career in ballroom dance where he was able to compete, perform and travel the world with various studios and university performance teams. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelors in Family Life and Social Science. It was around this time that he began his own personal journey into the world of Pilates. He was drawn to Pilates because of its cross training capabilities and emphasis on balance in the body. With his background in dance, Brandon approaches his Pilates and instructional training with the idea of developing the core and center balance in the body. He finds Pilates to be the most effective form of exercise for cross training, rehabilitation and overall improvement of physical and mental wellbeing. Three years ago Brandon moved to Los Angeles to pursue his teaching career where he trains at the Alo Wellness Gym and a roster of private clients from his home studio in West Hollywood.



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