Q&A with Contrology Lab Host Daniela Escobar

Q&A with Contrology Lab Host Daniela Escobar

In this Q & A Studio owner and Contrology® Authorized Demo Center, Daniela Escobar discusses the upcoming Contrology Lab, a fun, informative movement workshop where Daniela will demonstrate step-by-step how various Pilates apparatus can prepare your clients to perform Snake and Twist!

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What will be the topic of Contrology Lab?

In this Contrology Lab, we will focus on identifying the foundational exercises in the Pilates system that enable clients to perform the complex and challenging Snake and Twist exercise. During the Lab, participants will be able to observe how different Pilates apparatuses in the studio can aid clients in preparing to perform Snake and Twist.

Why are you passionate about this topic?

When we first become certified as Pilates instructors, our main focus is on learning a lot of different exercises and becoming familiar with them so that we can teach them effectively. At this stage, it can be difficult to fully grasp Pilates as a complete system. I often see that many teachers make the mistake of progressing their clients too quickly without first ensuring that they have a solid foundation in the fundamental exercises that are necessary to perform the more advanced ones.

What advice do you have for people who struggle with performing some exercises?

It is important to have a strong foundation and regular and consistent practice, while also being patient with oneself. Progress will come eventually.

Which exercises do you think are the most challenging for students to grasp?

The more complex or “advanced” ones, for sure. However, it also depends on an individual’s body type and abilities when it comes to performing Pilates exercises. Some people are good at back extensions, while others are good at spinal flexion. These factors determine which exercise is easier for a particular person. Age and injuries also play a role in determining the type of exercise that one can perform.

What advice do you have for them?

Not everyone needs to be able to do all the exercises in the Pilates method. Some may not be able to advance to more complex exercises, and that is perfectly okay. Even so, Pilates can still be beneficial to them. As teachers, we need to be okay with the fact that not everyone will be able to do everything.

Cost: FREE
Date: Friday, 03/29/24, 1:00 pm PT
Event Type: Virtual
Registration: Contrology Lab

A dancer since age five, Daniela's love for movement began early. After performing professionally for over two decades, she transitioned to teaching dance and personal training, later discovering Pilates. Initially drawn to it because of her dance background, she eventually became enamored with Classical Pilates for its transformative effects on her body. With a Bachelor's in Physical Education, Daniela researched Pilates' impact on posture for her final project. She became certified in 2006, mentored by experienced instructors, and completed the selective Pilates Master's Program "The Work" in 2015 under Jay Grimes. Known for her challenging and detail-oriented teaching style, Daniela has vast experience with clients of all levels, including athletes and older adults. She founded Westwood Pilates to share her passion and knowledge of the method.



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