Pillow Talk with BB’s Ken Endelman!

Pillow Talk with BB’s Ken Endelman!

Balanced Body Founder and CEO Ken Endelman visited Germany over a year ago to meet with the owner of SISSEL® products. When he checked into his hotel, Ken found a SISSEL® Soft Plus on his bed. Usually a creature of sleep habits when traveling, Ken decided to give the new pillow a go… and he’s slept soundly ever since!

You may remember that before Pilates equipment, Ken built waterbeds. He worked with clients to meet their individual sleep needs, often matching pillows with his beds.  Here’s why Ken recommends SISSEL® pillows for everyone who wants a good night’s sleep:

What kind of sleeper are you?

Side Sleeper and I prefer the gentler head/neck support of the Soft Plus pillow. If you like firmer support (like my traveling companion), I suggest you try the SISSEL® Classic pillows.

What intrigued you about the SISSEL® Soft Plus pillow?

Usually when I’m traveling I look for no disruptions in my sleep routine. We all need solid sleep! When I saw the unique shape of the SISSEL® pillow with full support under my head and neck, and a pocket for my shoulder, I had to give it a try.


I slept like a log! The SISSEL® pillow softly supported my head and neck, no flattening and no lumps. The Soft Plus includes an extra pad making it the ideal height for my head and neck (the extra pad is removable if not needed.)  When I did roll on my back, it felt like the pillow gave me a neck massage. And because my head and neck were fully anchored on the pillow, I didn’t move around… when I woke up the next morning, no bed head!

Why should someone pay $100 for a SISSEL® orthopedic pillow?

With pillows, you definitely get what you pay for. A standard “good” pillow costs at least $40. SISSEL® pillows are a few steps above. The investment pays off in sleeping better, feeling better and more ready to face every day.  What’s having a great night’s sleep every night, worth?


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