A Perfect Pilates Routine to Empower Winter Advent...

A Perfect Pilates Routine to Empower Winter Adventures – The Pilates Chair

Editors Note: This is part two of Delia Buckmaster’s Winter Workout series. She ends this series with a 10-minute winter sports conditioning routine on the Exo Chair that will keep you active all season long.

Watch part one, a reformer routine, here. 

As an outdoor enthusiast who thrives in the exhilarating world of winter sports like Nordic skiing and snowboarding, I’ve discovered the transformative power of incorporating Pilates into my conditioning routine. The practice of Pilates, with its emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and body awareness, not only prepares my body for the physical demands of these activities but also elevates my performance and safeguards against injuries. Having embraced the cold, snowy Montana winters, I’ve found that Pilates complements the full-body workout and challenges presented by sports like skate skiing. It enhances my stability and power transfer from upper body through legs into skis, making every outdoor adventure more rewarding and effective. Pilates has become an indispensable part of my winter sports preparation, offering a comprehensive approach that boosts my capabilities on the snow and ice, ensuring I’m ready to tackle the season’s challenges with confidence and grace.

Watch the video below for a 10-minute Exo Chair workout that is perfect for winter sport conditioning

Equipment Used:
EXO Chair with Split Pedal

Delia has been a passionate teacher and leader in the Pilates industry for 20 years. Studio owner since 2005, she introduced boutique fitness programs to northwest Montana that were ahead of big city trends. She’s a national presenter, NCPT, Balanced Body Master Instructor, and Master Trainer for Booty Barre. She earned her full certification through Stott Pilates and also completed the BASI Comprehensive Program. Delia is a teacher on Pilates Anytime, certified health coach and mom of two. Her years of experience, multiple trainings and intuitive teaching skills make her a stand out among the boutique health and fitness industry.



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