Pilates Education: The Perfect Partner to Physical...

Pilates Education: The Perfect Partner to Physical Therapy

My introduction to Pilates was as fortuitous as it was unplanned. It began with a chance encounter at a PT conference in New Orleans, where I was first introduced to the CoreAlign by Lindy Royer. This meeting sparked several discussions about golf performance and led to trips to Denver, culminating in an unforgettable meal involving lamb, a hacksaw, and my first experience with an Instapot. This story, best shared in person, marks the beginning of my deep dive into the world of Pilates.

Despite my initial reservations and insistence that I was neither a yogi nor familiar with Pilates, Lindy skillfully demonstrated how I was already incorporating Pilates principles into my work with golfers, athletes, and everyday clients. This revelation led me to enroll in the Mat 1 and Reformer 1 modules. These courses were eye-opening and illuminated the alchemy that exists between Pilates principles, physical therapy, and sports performance.

I was wowed and immediately recharged by the learning experience which strengthened the connection with my purpose–to motivate, support and inspire my clients. On my return from the first training modules, I called my practice manager, eager to involve her in the next phase of my learning. This was the beginning of a transition from ignorance of Pilates to becoming a Balanced Body Educator. My physical therapy practice not only thrived but evolved significantly, bringing newfound success and benefits to the clients I interacted with.

The Balanced Body Education program was more than a learning journey; it was an exploration of personal and professional growth. The curriculum challenged me, stretched my capabilities, and introduced refreshing perspectives into my personal practice. Meeting people like Patricia Welter, Tonya Amos and Misty Lynne Cauthen moved me from dreaming to executing on these newfound perspectives. The education journey coincided with a pivotal point in my life, both professionally and personally, allowing me to transition from the familiar to the realm of new possibilities.

My journey has revolved around innovation, such as using a hand towel to perform exercises like some that are done using the CoreAlign before I knew what one was. This inventive spirit has been a cornerstone of my approach, constantly seeking new ways to enhance and apply Pilates principles.

My path from a physical therapist to a Pilates educator and innovator has been unique and transformative. The Balanced Body program has not only shaped my approach to teaching but has also played a crucial role in my personal growth My experience stands as a powerful reminder of the endless possibilities that arise when we seek out relationships and embrace learning opportunities. The magic happens when we challenge ourselves to integrate these lessons and experiences into our lives and practices.

Kendell was born in Dominica, West Indies and came to Birmingham from St. Croix in 1999 to attend Samford University. While at Samford, Kendell was a member of the track and field team and earned a Bachelor’s in Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. He then attended The University of Alabama in Birmingham (UAB) and received his Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2007.  Kendell founded M3 Endeavors, a performance venture in 2015 and in 2018 expanded the company to include physical therapy and Pilates. M3 Performance and Physical Therapy now operates across a few platforms in the Birmingham area.  He has a passion for evaluating movement in those who desire to live active lives and developing programs to improve their skill and performance. When not in the clinic you can find him on the golf course or developing new recipes in the kitchen. Find us on Instagram @m3endeavors



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