Pilates as a Business: Empowering Women Entreprene...

Pilates as a Business: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide!

Celebrating International Women’s Day

Pilates has been around for over a century, and while we all know a man developed it, it is primarily women who step into studios each day that helped to make it a worldwide phenomenon. While we, as teachers, personally know the physical benefits we impart to our clients, it is also essential to recognize Pilates’ impact on empowering women with financial freedom. Whether as Pilates teachers or studio owners, the Pilates business has provided opportunities for women to take charge of their destinies and become financially independent.

The Pilates industry offers women a unique set of advantages not often found in other fitness or business ventures. Firstly, Pilates can be a low-cost business to start. With only a few pieces of (or even no) equipment and the ability to operate in a small space, the barriers to entry are low, making it accessible to a broad range of women. As we exit the pandemic (yes, I said it), the demand for Pilates is on the rise, with people looking for a form of exercise that improves physical vitality and mental well-being. Pilates provides a large market for women to tap into, with room for growth and expansion.

Pilates is a business that molds to accommodate the needs of women, particularly those who may have other commitments such as family or children. With the ability to offer classes online or work from home, women can create schedules that can work around their other responsibilities. Outside of teaching Pilates daily, women are at the helm of some of the largest and most recognized Pilates studios and organizations. They are uniquely gifted in running compassionate and culture-focused teams.

Furthermore, the Pilates and fitness industry, equipment, and teaching organizations help to provide a supportive and empowering environment for women who want to advance their careers. With the ability to reach out to this network of industry support, organizations, and fellow business owners with experience, women who work in Pilates can surround themselves with a positive and encouraging community. This support not only helps to boost their self-esteem but also creates a more substantial recognition of Pilates as a profession.

In addition to these benefits, the Pilates business provides women with financial independence and security. Whether as certified Pilates instructors or studio owners, women can earn a living doing something they love and are passionate about. This provides a sense of fulfillment and the security of knowing they are in control of their financial future.

The Pilates business is not just a form of physical exercise but a tool for empowering women with financial freedom. By providing low barriers to entry, flexibility, a supportive environment, and financial security, Pilates has allowed women to control their destinies and become financially independent. As the demand for Pilates continues to grow, it is important to recognize the impact Pilates has had on empowering women worldwide.

Katie Santos is the founder of Katie Santos Consulting and Fitness HR ™ - an internationally recognized Movement Teacher with a 40-year track experience in the fitness industry as an owner and now business consultant. Pursuing a Human Resources Certification allowed Katie to focus on helping studios comply with recent employment law changes around the country. Katie’s knowledge of the unique nature of the fitness and wellness industry’s needs related to employees allows her to be their partner and advocate as they navigate the new law changes. Katie is focused on helping businesses and people become the best they can be. She encourages business leaders to leverage their big ideas with simple solutions so they can concentrate on success. You can find her at Fitness HR or



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