Physical Therapy + Pilates = A Perfect Educational...

Physical Therapy + Pilates = A Perfect Educational Upskill!

For years, Physical Therapists (and PTAs) have expressed interest in learning Pilates as an adjunct to their clinical practice. As a PT in the private practice orthopedic setting for over 3 decades, I can assure you there is no better modality than Pilates to improve compliance and help patients optimize their functional movement potential. After becoming a Balanced Body® Educator, it was the next step to take:  Implement introductory Pilates courses into the Balanced Body® Education program specifically geared toward the Pilates curious Physical Therapy professional! Currently, I have the privilege to teach several introductory (4-8 hour workshops) courses that give physical therapists the opportunity to start their Pilates education journey with us at Balanced Body® Education. These serve as a perfect gateway to dive deeper into the full modules.

There are currently three 4-hour workshops offered online and in person (via ZOOM):

  1. Introduction to the Reformer for Rehab Professionals Learn how to use the universal reformer to teach functional therapeutic exercises for lumbopelvic stability, core and pelvic floor activation, breath control, scapular dynamic control, trunk integration and upper and lower extremity strengthening. For clinicians with reformers in their facilities (you know, the ones no one is using because no one knows how!?) as well as those who are contemplating adding reformers to their practice.
  2. Introduction to the Chair for Rehab Professionals The Pilates Chair is a fabulous piece of equipment with a small footprint. It is the perfect adjunct to any PT practice that treats patients with balance challenges, total joint replacements, spine rehab and athletes of all ages and abilities. We cover basic exercises on the Wunda chair and Exo chair. We also feature the Combo Chair and Split pedal Exo Chair. Whatever type of chair you have – dust it off!
  3. Introduction to the Core Align for Rehab Professionals This 4-hour workshop teaches clinicians how to implement the Core Align into their PT practice. Invented by Physical Therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the Core Align presents an opportunity to train functional gait, axial elongation, and proprioception in standing. When looking for a way to activate core and trunk muscles in synergy in a functional standing position – the Core Align is the magic bullet.

Ready to add more in-depth education? There are three 8-hour courses:

  1. Balanced Body® Movement Principles for Rehabilitation Professionals This is the pre-requisite course for the Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training programs. This course is specific for PTs in that it teaches the fundamental movements (“pre-Pilates) exercises that the Pilates mat work is based on. Immediately useful for patients to learn how to activate their stabilizing muscles prior to and during any movements designed specifically for their needs. These are the functional activities and therapeutic exercises all PTs can use in any clinical setting.
  2. Balanced Body® Reformer Fundamentals for Rehabilitation Professionals In this course you will learn beginner level reformer exercises and how to safely set up and adjust the reformer specific to the needs of your patients. Exercises are presented in supine, sitting, quadruped and standing to encompass various levels of challenge.
  3. Balanced Body® Trapeze Table Fundamentals for Rehabilitation Professionals Explore the versatility of the Pilates Trapeze Table/Cadillac. One of the most comprehensive rehabilitation tools in a PT clinic, the trapeze table affords numerous ways to experience dynamic spinal mobility, trunk/scapular stability exercises and balance and proprioception exercises.

To explore some of the options for Movement Training for PTs and Rehab Professionals:

To see the current 2024 course schedule for the above mentioned 4- and 8-hour courses click here:   Archer Pilates Studio Balanced Body Course Schedule

For the full scope of PT/Rehab courses offered by Balanced Body®: PT Rehab Courses

Wishing you a meaningful and fulfilling Pilates Education journey and finding great success in adding Pilates to your PT practice!

Kerry is a Florida Licensed Physical Therapist (graduate of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Physical Therapy Program class of 1989), a NCPT certified Pilates instructor since 2007and a Balanced Body® Educator (Pilates, CoreAlign® and MOTR®) since 2019. She has been practicing and teaching Pilates for 23 years. She currently owns and operates Archer Pilates Studio, Inc. in Hollywood, FL. After experiencing the incredible benefits of Pilates exercises while rehabilitating from severe lower back pain and disc herniations, she began to incorporate Pilates into the plans of care for her Physical Therapy patients. Working for over 30 years in outpatient and private practice settings, her experience is mainly with patients recovering from spine injuries, pathologies and surgeries; hip, knee and shoulder joint replacements or various orthopedic injuries or surgeries. Kerry has extensive knowledge of joint and spine anatomy, and a keen eye for postural and movement impairments that can be improved through Pilates practice. Empowering patients and clients to achieve their optimal movement potential, experience strength and functional benefits, as well as significant pain relief through the Pilates method is Kerry’s mission. In addition to teaching the full comprehensive Balanced Body® Pilates Instructor Training curriculum, Kerry also teaches 6 FPTA approved physical therapy continuing education courses through Balanced Body® Education. Besides her passion for Pilates and educating new generations of Pilates teachers and Physical Therapists, Kerry is also an avid orchid and tropical plant enthusiast, loves hiking through nature trails and botanical gardens, and adores all things that meow and purr. Find her on FB and IG: @archerpilatesstudio



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