Pedal to the Metal: Q&A with Marco Lopez

Pedal to the Metal: Q&A with Marco Lopez

Balanced Body Pilates Equipment

Behind The Design
A new series featuring the amazing people who design and craft all our Pilates Equipment!
This month we’re featuring The Metalshop.

Q: How long you have been here and what is your title

A: I began working for Balanced Body in the summer of 1995, so almost 26 years now! My current title is the Supervisor for the Metal Assembly Department and I have been in that capacity for 2.5 years.


Q: What other departments have you worked in?

A: I have supervised the wood assembly, sewing, and upholstery departments.


Q: What do you like most about the Metalshop?

A: I think it is the fact that I am able to collaborate with a diverse team of individuals, I strongly believe diversity makes a team flourish.


Q: Speaking of your team – how do you all build/assemble a metal Reformer like an Allegro?

A: There are four basic sections for the assembly of a Reformer:

1) Accessories section, this area provides shoulder rests, headrests, risers and trunnions.

2) Carriage section, this area provides carriages for Reformers.

3) Frame section, this area is responsible for assembling the frame with a carriage section as well as making sure we are assembling the correct carriage if a customer has ordered a custom color.

4) Packaging section, this section is responsible for making sure we pack the correct straps, springs, and other accessories. We also make the Reformer footbar at this point.

There’s actually quite a bit that has to take place for a Reformer to be built!


Q: What’s the hardest/trickiest part about working in the Metalshop?

A: Well for the last year and a half the hardest part about working in the Metalshop has definitely been maintaining the supply of parts from our vendors  – especially at a time when supplies are low due to COVID and natural disasters.


Q: 26 years is a long time – at any company. What do you like most about working at BB?

A: Personally, I’ve grown up here. Everything I’ve learned has come from (CEO) Ken Endelman and (Production Director) Paul Hughes. I am who I am because of those two and others I’ve worked with at here at the company. Looking at the bigger picture what I like at Balanced Body is the fact we are making a difference in people’s lives by manufacturing Reformers that will help anyone live a more flexible and pain-free life.


Check out the video and meet Darion McCoy, one of our master Metalworkers.

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