Outdoor Exercise: In the Grand Canyon with Mary Lo...

Outdoor Exercise: In the Grand Canyon with Mary Lou Schell

Integrating different muscle groups during a workout by combining the upper body, lower body and core provides three benefits.

Working three areas of the body helps to maximize your time. Whether you’re behind your daily schedule or trying to get a quick workout in for the week, using an integrated workout will help do just that. The second benefit of a workout using integrated exercises is yielding maximum results. Using a variety of different muscle groups in an exercise will help the muscle groups move synergistically to provide better results. Lastly, increasing full potential and awareness of a range of motion with the different joints in one workout.

Overhead Press
Begin at chest level with one of Balanced Body’s small dumbbells. Press weight overhead, without locking elbows, and slowly return to starting position.  This exercise integrates the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and back.


Straight Arm Overhead Extension 
The idea of this exercise is to keep the arms straight and send arms with weight overhead. Avoiding shrugging the shoulders is important.  Keep the upper posture lengthened with a soft hinge at the hip and bend at the knees.  Be mindful of not popping the rib cage open.  This exercise integrates the arms, shoulders, back, hips, and legs.


Single Arm Press
Start with your weight in one hand with the palm facing forward, the elbow starts at shoulder level.   Keep the wrist and the weight over the elbow then press straight up. Finish by returning to the starting position with the elbow at the shoulder.  Be mindful to avoid shoulders shrugging towards the ears.  This exercise doesn’t seem to be integrated – however, it involves the shoulders, the arms, and using the core and legs for stability.


Side Lunge with Pívot & Shoulder Press
This combines all three of the previous exercise in this workout. Start with your dumbbell in your hand in the shoulder press position. Bring that arm across your body down to the opposite foot, pivoting that same side leg to drop down into a lunge. Return by coming out of the lunge back up to a single-arm press.  This exercise integrates the upper body, lower body, and core for rotation.

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Mary Lou has been an experienced fitness and wellness coach & educator for the last 20 plus years in both the English and Spanish speaking markets. She has extensive knowledge in Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, and Sports Conditioning. Most of her exercise programs are directed towards improving Golf, Tennis, and overall fitness. As the Founder & Owner of M Fitness & Wellness in Southern California, her goal is to create an experience toward longevity and an active, pain-free lifestyle. Mary Lou’s growing passion for exercise, health, and education brings commitment and contagious positive energy in her community and beyond. Her formal training has given her an edge in the fitness industry.



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