New York Pilates Reformer Springs

We worked with Kathi Ross-Nash on the New York Pilates Reformer Springs to recreate the original springs she used in her training with Romana.

Kathi Ross Nash Pilates Reformer Springs

I can recall back to my days in the ’80s on my favorite Reformer. It was an 80 inch (number three was my fav!) with Springs that responded with even tension throughout the exercises and gave that little pause at the end as the Carriage Bed came home. They held life throughout the exercises as they should and smoothly created a resistance of even pressure on the exercises that the Springs should “never die” on. To have Springs that support the flow of the work of the Red Thread Method of Pilates and to have the RIGHT Springs is imperative to the work. A Spring that forces you to  “Bear Down” or catches in the middle, a Spring that changes its tension throughout does NOT support this work. What do I require of my Springs? The Springs that make music with my apparatus. I require life, balance, even support from them so that my work can live, breathe, and move with fluidity, control, and economy of movement.


Check out my new Springs in collaboration with Contrology by Balanced Body, the New York Pilates Reformer Springs here:

Author, Model, Photographer & Creator of the Red Thread Method. Kathi owns KRN NY Pilates and Red Thread Ranch®. Her PSAP-approved school, Pilates Professional Advanced Teacher Training Program, is for comprehensively trained classical Pilates instructors seeking to advance their practice. Visit Her Website Here



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