Movement Stacking for Mood & Mobility

We all want to move better and feel better in our bodies, and what’s a better way to do so than adding simple bite-size exercises to help elevate your mood and increase mobility. Balanced Body Educator, Lindy Royer will take us through a sequence of exercise “snacks” in this movement stacking experience. Choose one of them, or stack them together for a longer workout, depending on the time you have or the goal of your day! The idea is to just get moving, whether it’s 1 minute or 20, and celebrate what your body CAN do. Enjoy each clip and let’s get stacking!

Abdominal Curl + Oblique Reach

Cat Cow

Cat Cow + Tail Wag

Cat Cow + Upper Rotation

Pelvic Rotation

Pelvic Rotation to Bridge

Prone Thoracic Extension

Prone Thoracic Extension + Knee Bend

Seated Mermaid

Supine Pelvic Curls

Supine Pelvic Curls to Bridge

Lindy Royer is the founder of PM Center for Movement, a Personal Mastery and Integrated Movement company based in Centennial CO. She is a PMA-certified Physical Therapist and a member of the Balanced Body faculty. In her role at Balanced Body, Lindy brings her expertise in Physical Therapy, movement, pain science, and personal mastery to the exploration of whole body efficiency and health.



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