4 Ways to MOTR Glutes & Thighs!

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We love working our lower body!

Here are 4 different ways of using the MOTR!

This MOTR workout is a great way to strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, thighs, core, plus challenge stability, and gain balance. Progress or regress as necessary for your body. 3-6 lbs. weight recommendation and at least 10-15 repetitions each!

Workout #1:


In this intermediate position kneeling on top of the MOTR body, balance is challenged when the stabilizing leg is lifted (toes can stay on the floor for more assistance) while the strapped leg has the front strap in the foot. The spine remains extended, encouraging the core and arms’ engagement while the hamstrings and glutes get a great workout.

Workout #2:


Regress the exercise by kneeling on the floor behind the MOTR. On top of the MOTR body, forearms hold the body on an even plane and the front strap on foot. This position is more stable but encourages core engagement and stability while the hamstrings and glutes work.

Workout #3:


Progress the exercise standing behind the MOTR with hands lightly on the MOTR body, keeping the spine extended and the back strap in the foot. Balance, flexibility, and strength are more challenged in this position. Keep the spine long, the stabilizing leg slightly bent, and the hips squared. Definitely a challenge!

Workout #4:


Standing the MOTR upright, place one foot in the strap while hands lightly hold the crossbar. Hinge the body slightly forward to engage the spine extensors and core. Keep the stabilizing leg slightly bent, hips square and extend the strapped leg back. This position is challenging for balance on the stabilizing leg, and the upper girdle since the MOTR is upright and less stable. Not only is the strapped leg working, but the muscles around the hips on both legs need to work together for strength and balance.

At a young age and through dance, Brigitte Garten, known as Bee, knew she had a passion for health and fitness. This passion guided her to achieve a Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from SDSU in 1998. When introduced to Pilates in 1999, she instantly fell in love with the method. By 2001 she was a Certified Pilates teacher and holds three Pilates certifications, including BASI (Body Arts and Science International), A-Line Technique, and is a National Certified Pilates Teacher (NCPT).) She also holds certifications for Barworks, and TRX Suspension Training. You can find her currently teaching Pilates and MOTR online and at her home studio in Orange County as well as Nutrition counseling. Don’t be fooled by her sweet nature and giggle, her classes are challenging, yet energetic, fun, and of course detail orientated. She always considers herself a student of Pilates and constantly strives to learn more. Her teaching is always evolving to bring her clients the most up to date and worthwhile Pilates sessions. Outside of the studio you’ll find Bee hiking, biking, gardening, and experimenting in the kitchen. She loves spending quality time with family, friends, her husband and two dogs.



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