Success Story: Physical Perfection Pilates and the...

Success Story: Physical Perfection Pilates and the Kim Carruthers Method

Kim Carruthers Method

Kim Carruthers is the first Black woman to own and operate her own private Pilates studio, a Los Angeles, California-based Certified Pilates instructor, Certified Practical Nutrition Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Lifestyle Wellness Coach, Certified Holistic Health Specialist and an LMT.

After working for 10 years as a private Pilates instructor and Fitness Coach Kim founded “Physical Perfection,” a private Pilates studio located in West Hollywood, California in 2005.  Her clientele has run the gamut from Hollywood celebrities, executives, and top professional athletes. And her rapid success has gained the attention of television, magazines, and newspapers, such as Oprah Magazine: Women’s Health; Vogue; People; Newsweek; Pilates Style Magazine; ABC7 News; Extra; E! News, and The TodayShow.

Many Hollywood studios have come to rely on her abilities to work with talent to ready them for film and television productions which is evident by her incredible roster of clients. This is how Kim received her nickname as Hollywood’s “Best Kept Secret”.

With all of her success and accomplishments, the highlight of Kim’s career is having the unique opportunity to receive an invitation to study with the late great Pilates elder Kathleen Stanford Grant and having Kathy as her mentor. Kim also draws inspiration from her time spent sharing and learning from Pilates elder Lolita San Miguel whom she was introduced to when they were both presenters at the PMA Pilates Day in 2007.

The Kim Carruthers Method is a specialized approach to holistic health that fuses all things, Kim, into a personalized prescription for her clients. Kim leans on her experience in rehabilitation, nutritional coaching, athlete conditioning, pre, and post-partum wellness, Pilates, and strength training to help clients transform mind, body, and soul.

Kim Carruthers Method

The Kim Carruthers Method shies away from setting unrealistic goals to obtain weight loss and wellness. Instead, the method focuses on the client’s mental health which influences the way that the body responds to exercise. Clients of the Kim Carruthers Method can expect to confront their own personal challenges, learn to make lifestyle changes, and have a complete understanding of the importance of mindful exercise.

After many years of being an activewear addict but saddened by the lack of diversity and inclusivity in the space, Kim decided to create and design her own brand called KC Body. The KC Body brand now includes activewear, fitness essentials, and the “Straight Outta Pilates” merchandise.

Kim's formative years were spent growing up in North Philadelphia and Los Angeles. At the early age of 14 years old Kim began her professional dance career landing jobs on tv shows, movies, dancing and touring with music artists and performing in musicals and plays. During her senior year of high school Kim received a scholarship to study with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and Martha Graham which led her to have the opportunity to perform with several NYC dance companies. During her dance career Kim began to experience several overuse injuries and was eventually sent to a physical therapist that introduced her to the healing benefits of Pilates. Soon after Kim began to take Pilates sessions at the New York Pilates Studio and this is where Kim's love affair began with the Pilates Method "Contrology". In 1995 after an acclaimed career as a dancer, performer and finding herself fascinated by the transformative power of the teachings of Joseph Pilates Kim went on to complete her comprehensive studies and received her own Pilates Certification in 1997.



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