It’s Summer! Do Pilates Outside!

Summer is a great time to add the outdoors into your workout routine. The warmer weather is the perfect time to take your Pilates routine, or something new, outside. I recently spent a week in Italy. While I usually get in a daily walk/jog on my treadmill, I found that walking through the streets of Rome was an excellent substitute for my usual routine.

Ana leading a Pilates class on the beach.

The great thing about Pilates is that you can really do the mat work anywhere. Romana used to say that anywhere you could put a towel down, you could do Pilates. That’s part of the beauty of the Method. It’s incredibly portable. I have done Pilates in many places, my favorite being under palm trees in the Caribbean.

It seems that I am not alone. I’ve seen photos of our Pilates friends working out in the most incredible places worldwide. Here are some of their thoughts on working out on vacation.

“Mexico City was my first international trip since COVID. I met up with a friend who lives in LA. Often when I travel more than a few days, I’ll look up a local studio and take a session. My body complains if I go more than a week without Pilates. Alas, this trip was only four days. So, I didn’t really have the opportunity. Mexico City is an incredible place. We did a LOT of walking, eating, and drinking, and it was hot out. When I can’t get to a studio, I’ll usually do a 15-minute workout in my hotel/BnB. I have thrown in the Hundred, Roll-up, Ab series and a little extension and rotation before heading out to explore. It’s good to keep everything engaged, even when my brain relaxes.”

Samone in front of Frida Kahlo museum. Photo Credit @hansonpilatesnyc

Samone Weissman

“One of the things I love most about (classical) Pilates is that I can incorporate it into my vacations. On a trip to Portugal, I attended an incredible workshop on the mainland and then went off to the Azores for the rest of the trip. Here I am doing the teaser in the hot springs of Sao Miguel. I keep up with my mat work when I don’t have a studio nearby and even get some Roll-ups and the series of five done in bed before starting the day. It keeps me feeling strong while I indulge in and enjoy the adventures. I look forward to traveling the world and meeting the teachers I’ve admired for years!”

-Delfina Goyenechea Resendes

Delfina in Azores. Photo Credit @delfina_pilates

Are you tired of the four walls around you? Why not take your Pilates, or any, workout outside? Enjoy the summer!


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Contrology® Brand Ambassador, Ana Cabán, is a Pilates pioneer. Certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998, over the past 2+ decades Ana has gained a strong reputation among health/fitness industry experts for her distinctive style. She has sold over 4,500,000 of her award-winning bilingual fitness DVDs. Touted "a star Pilates instructor" by InStyle magazine and "the fitness guru to propel you into shape" by Martha Stewart Radio, Ana appeared as the go-to fitness & lifestyle expert in the media for years. Some of the media outlets to feature Ana include Health, Fitness, Pilates Style, Latina and O magazines, Univision, FOX, NBC, and SiriusXM. Ana loves inspiring people to live their best life ever, which she has coined, “La Buena Life”.



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