How the Konnector® Enhanced My Business

How the Konnector® Enhanced My Business

Note From Balanced Body: The Konnector® is a single-rope Reformer pulley system for independent and simultaneous movement of arms and legs created by Viktor Uygan of Konnect Method. Available for Allegro®, Rialto® and Studio Reformer®. Read below how Roxanne found success using the Konnector on the Allegro Reformer. 

Like many physical therapists, it was an injury that brought me to my profession.  However, it was not a traumatic injury, it was my job as a fitness instructor that created a chronic injury.  When changing how I moved and correcting muscular imbalances eliminated my pain, I was sold on the importance of how much “how you move, matters”.

After completing my initial PT degree, I became a continuing education junkie in not only PT related topics but all forms of movement, which lead to my love of Pilates.  It was in a continuing education course on a completely different subject that I met Viktor, creator of Konnector.  Viktor put me through a very short demo of what was possible with Konnector and I immediately saw the possibilities for physical therapy related issues as well as fitness creativity.  The only drawback at the time was that it was not available for the Allegro Reformers, of which I had six that were used for group classes.  From a business perspective, it didn’t make sense to change only my Studio Reformers over.  My business model focused on making Pilates accessible and affordable. I wanted all of my clients to be able to experience Konnector, not just the ones taking private sessions.  And I wanted all of my instructors trained in how to use this amazing tool; intelligent movement gets results!

The availability of the Konnector for Allegro happened to coincide with a collaboration of Polestar Pilates Educators and Konnector.  We had the opportunity for Viktor to come to our studio and train our staff.  I was so excited to be the first one to host a Konnector training for my staff, as I had been waiting for several years!

The most amazing aspect of Konnector is how every movement automatically becomes an integration of the entire movement system.  There is less internal cueing needed to achieve this, a bonus for clients who struggle with “feeling” movement.  Because you can move limbs independently, muscular imbalances show up easily in a way clients can feel quickly, something I find incredibly important in creating a balanced body and getting client buy-in.  Clients and instructors love the freedom of movement that can be achieved with the expanded possibilities for the Reformer.  All of this leads to more results and excitement for clients and staff.  We also happen to be the only studio in our area that utilizes Konnector, which has proven to be a distinct advantage when savvy clients shop for their studio of choice.  All of these factors have contributed to Konnector being an excellent choice to enhance my business!

PT, OCS, MSI Fellow, NCPT Polestar. Pilates Senior Educator. Owner, The Pilates Place. Roxanna began her career in the fitness industry in 1981, training aerobic instructors and managing health clubs. A Physical Therapist for over 30 years, she began incorporating Pilates into her PT practice in 2000 after completing her Rehab Specialist Pilates Certification with Polestar Pilates and opened The Pilates Place in 2007, bridging the gap between the worlds of physical therapy and fitness. Roxanna is an Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Fellow of Movement System Impairments, Oov Educator, and a Senior Educator for Polestar Pilates. Roxanna has created and presented courses nationally for Pilates and Physical Therapy Continuing Education. Her hobbies include circus performing arts, dance, and gardening



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