Healthy Holiday Hacks – Tips to Boost your Holiday...

Healthy Holiday Hacks – Tips to Boost your Holiday Meals

We know it can be hard to stay healthy during the holidays this season we wanted to help with a few easy hacks to give you a healthy holiday boost. See below for some tips and tricks that help others keep their dinners just a little healthier for the holidays.

Homemade and Easy Cranberry Juice

I make Homemade Cranberry Juice. It’s cheap, easy, and healthy. Just boil a pot of water, dump in a bag of cranberries, and enjoy hearing them pop as they burst open! I add an Erythritol/Monk Fruit Sweetener or orange juice. Sometimes I add lime or lemon juice to it as well. – Sarah Artha Negara

Sneaking in Vegetables

Although I LOVE all of the traditional sides for the holidays, I’m not sure canned green bean casserole counts as a serving of vegetables. In some of my recipes, I try to push things a bit more vegetable-forward without losing the satisfaction. Instead of using 100% potatoes for my mashed potato side, I also throw in a full head of cauliflower. This way, you get the flavor and creaminess of mashed potatoes but with a little more fiber and protein (yes, cauliflower is a great vegetable with protein), and you don’t miss a thing! – Erika Quest

Easy Swaps

Instead of adding a ton of butter and cream to mashed potatoes, I add ricotta or cottage cheese. It gives it the same creamy texture and full flavor with added protein. Another way to get a ton of protein without changing the taste is by adding silken tofu to desserts. Blending tofu into pumpkin pie filling or chocolate mousse gives it a boost of without giving up flavor. – Amber Leikam

Healthy Drinks and Hydration 

Watch your drinking. The holiday pours can quickly catch up to you so I try to remember to drink plenty of water and even like to have some mocktails around to give everyone a fun option during holiday parties. When I do drink I like to make a healthified sangria with red wine, apple, oranges and a low-calorie simple syrup. – Autumn Miller

Happy Appies

To riff on the theme of vegetable-forward and knowing that the holidays include heavier meals, I always ensure that my appetizer(s) include loads of vegetables to dip or eat with. I’m doing a traditional fondue; instead of just bread, I fill up the platter with LOADS of my favorite vegetables and fruits to dip with. If I’m serving a dip, I’ll slice up cucumbers and zucchini rounds to scoop with instead of just chips. – Erika Quest

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