Healthy Holiday Hacks – Keep Calm & Stress Le...

Healthy Holiday Hacks – Keep Calm & Stress Less This Holiday Season!

The holidays can present as a magical time of joy, connection, and time with family and friends, which we absolutely love. The flip side is that stress can creep in from a variety of avenues without you knowing it. All of a sudden, a festive time of year can yield to bustle, anxiety, sadness, and overwhelm.

Whether you’re filled with joy or a bit stressed out this season, use these simple holiday de-stress tools regularly to fill your cup and take care of you.


Dr. Andrew Huberman talks about the easy and important Physiological Sigh technique to calm down the nervous system FAST. It’s simple.

  1. Take a full breath in through the nose.
  2. Sip in an extra drink of air in at the top.
  3. Sigh all of the air out through the mouth.
  4. Repeat 2 or 3 times and notice how you feel.


Even if you cannot fit in a full workout, move your body a little. Micro movements, such as a quick walk around the block, a short movement break at home (like this great 5-minute stretch), or even playing with a dog or animal will help blow off a little holiday steam.


Don’t discredit the power of a cuddle, hug, or time with a loved one or family pet this time of year. We’re often moving at warp speed to “fit it all in,” so take time for an extra hug, hold a loved one’s hand, or give an extra pet to your furry family member.

I used to sell cheeseburgers, true story. As a self-proclaimed “Certified La Pistola” I’ve been in the international fitness, wellness, and Pilates education business for over 17 years, traveling and speaking worldwide. As the Founder of Level Up MVMT, I help instructors Level Up their programming, movement, and coaching skills through creative curriculum development, research-backed strategies, and user-friendly plug-and-play formats. Find me worldwide as a premier presenter and teacher for Pilates Anytime and at fitness and wellness conferences. And yes, I’m a former corporate marketer who specialized in fast food clients. I left the biz and took a BIG LEAP into studio ownership, wellness, freelance marketing, and much more in 2005. My joy is creating community, championing and supporting others, and delivering my passion for Pilates and integrated movement. NCPT Certified, Balanced Body® Principal Educator, BASI™ Graduate, BOSUÒ Elite Master Trainer.



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