Happy International Pilates Day!

Our Educators from around the globe would like to wish you a Happy International Pilates Day! Then scroll down as they share what this awesome exercise system means to them.

Norma Gray, AlManahil Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I teach Pilates to Saudi women from teens to elderly, through each stage of a woman’s life. I’ve seen how the practice has helped participants gain confidence and develop a self-awareness which goes beyond the physical and the studio. What do I love about Pilates? How it stimulates my brain and my creativity – ideas just keep coming. Working with a bride and attending a glorious Saudi wedding is pretty special too 🙂.


Angel Chan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China

I love Pilates cause practicing Pilates calms my mind and helps me look at things differently. I use Pilates to help people around me, practicing Pilates makes us healthier in mind and body. I felt free after I began teaching Pilates full-time. I believe that doing what you Love is Freedom.


Radhika Karle, Radhika’s Balanced Body, Mumbai, India

I love that Pilates is for anybody and everyBODY! Seeing how Pilates helps boost one’s confidence, builds self-esteem, and improves mental health (along with ALL the other strength and mobility benefits) is also what I truly love. Everyone in my family practices Pilates, so for me personally, Pilates has given me a sincere appreciation of what the human body is capable of. I took my parents (both in their mid 70’s) on an adventure holiday, got my sister pain-free, and I climbed up to over 5,000 meters. #pilatesforeverybody


Fabrice Lamego, Pilates Pour Tous Studio, Lyon, France

The Pilates method is an intelligent exercise system, so as a dancer taking care of my body and not getting injured was a must, so 23 years ago, it made sense to me, now more than ever i rely on it every day. today the most gratifying thing for me as a Pilates teacher is being able to change the life of my clients for the better.


Lauren George, Lauren George Fitness Virtual Studio, Starkville, MS

For me, Pilates is my favorite form of self-care because it helps me feel strong and centered. The combination of controlled movements and breathwork allows me to focus my mind and connect with my body, which is incredibly grounding. Additionally, I love that Pilates has introduced me to so many inspiring individuals through teaching, taking classes, and attending Pilates conferences.


Page Sieffert, Pilates Nosara, Costa Rica

I love how myself and my clients feel, inside and out with a regular Pilates practice.  The worldwide community, ability to teach aspiring teachers, and the magic of leading retreats around the world spreading the Pilates work is the greatest gift.  I am blessed to be able to do something I love for over 25 years.


Antonio León Rodríguez, Hygge Pilates, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

What I love most about Pilates is being able to help others through movement, feeling a sense of community, and learning from everyone around me. Pilates not only changed my way of moving since I was 16 years old when I was a little swimmer but also my way of thinking, seeing, and feeling life. Pilates has the power to change lives!

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