Hangin’ by a Thread!: A Q&A with Pa Thao

Hangin’ by a Thread!: A Q&A with Pa Thao

Balanced Body Pilates Equipment

Behind The Design
A new series featuring the amazing people who design and craft all our Pilates Equipment!
This month we’re featuring the Sewing Department.


Q. Can you give me your title and how long you have been here?

A. I’m currently a Crew Lead of the Night Upholstery team and I have been here for four years.


Q. How long have you been in the sewing department?

A. I started out as a seamstress. Even as a crew lead for Upholstery, I’m still an active part of the sewing team.


Q. How did you get into sewing?

A.In all honesty I didn’t have an opinion about sewing at first because when I was hired I had no experience. Everything I learned I learned on the job, with great training from people like Alla xxx. Four years later it’s kind of strange to recall that.


Q. What do you like most about working on the sewing team?

A. It’s funny – this job has really opened my eyes. Not only because it is what I do for a living, but I also use my experience outside of the job. For example, I find myself checking the seams of any apparel items at the store – even if I’m not thinking about buying it!


Q. Taking it a step further, what do you like most about working at BB?

A. The production area at Balanced Body is a giant warehouse, so it’s an open concept floor plan. If I have a question that I need to be answered related to other departments, I can walk right over and ask the question, and get my answer. Everybody is a big team here.


Q. What’s the hardest/most challenging part about working in sewing?

A. It sounds simple and complex at the same time, but the quality is always one of the most interesting challenges. Balanced Body is what it is due to the quality of its equipment and accessories. Everybody on the team understands that and you want to make sure you do your part.


Q. Can you give me a high-level view of the process seamsters and seamstresses have to follow? Does it differ by product and if so, can you give an example?

A. All products will differ from one another, be it size and/or style. And that’s kind of the interesting part of it – you work on different things all of the time. Some products are simple, some are complicated. We have one item where we just simply fold it in half and sew it together. On more complex items we may have to add additional pieces or work with different materials. However, those usually take a much longer time – you have to take that into consideration when planning your day.

Check out the video and meet Rebecca Woods, one of our Seamstresses.

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