Getting Started with Scoliosis: Part 1

Laura Hausler is certified by the PMA, Balanced Body, and SmartSpine Wellness System. Laura began her career in Pilates in Chattanooga, TN back in 2013. She has recently moved to the Seattle area where she teaches at 5 Elements Pilates on Mercer Island. She has fresh outlook on moving with scoliosis and how to use Pilates as to benefit people like herself. After working with Sydney Craig of Pilates Tonic and Jennifer Gianni during her training she went on to work mostly with Clients with former scoliosis needs in Chattanooga. In 2015, Injury cause a 2 year pause in Laura’s career. Her injury lead her deeper into how to heal and manage pain and scoliosis. The tools in her training combined with a great Pilates community were exactly what she needed to get herself back on track. Now feeling restored she is excited to share what she has gained through her teaching to those looking to Pilates specifically for scoliosis management. Find her at OR on instagram @pilatesandscoliosis to discuss training with her or hosting her for a workshop your studio.



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