Exercising Outdoors: In the Mountains with Mary Lo...

Exercising Outdoors: In the Mountains with Mary Lou Schell

Follow along with this exercise program that will get your blood pumping and your lungs full of fresh air from Palomar Mountain (San Diego County)!

Overhead Extension with the Ultra-Fit® Circle 

Start legs in a wide stance and feet laterally positioned. Pilates circle positioned in the palm of the hands. Moving circle over the head and towards the legs in a full Range of motion, remember to keep arms straight throughout the movement. The benefit of this exercise is for all muscles of the arms, shoulders and core.

2 Rounds – 8 Reps


Squat Overhead Extension with the Ultra-Fit® Circle 

Same starting position as Overhead extension exercise adding squat into the movement. The squat is a movement that drops the hip and glute to the level of the knee and back up to standing.  Coordinating the movements in this exercise is important to gain all the benefits of this exercise for upper body, lower body and core.

2 Rounds – 8 Reps


Overhead extension with Knee Tuck 

Starting with arms overhead and feet in a narrow base.   Begin the exercise by Squeezing the circle down towards the legs and bracing the core to help stabilize the upper body. As the circle comes down alternate the knees up towards the chest maintaining a tall posture. This exercise is a great benefit to increase strength to shoulders, arms, and core. Alternating legs with knee tuck help with balance and flexibility.

2 Rounds – 8 Reps


Step back Lunge with Forward press

Starting with feet together and circle close to the body begin the movement by stepping back, squeezing and pressing the circle forward. Alternating legs with each movement keeping the upper body alignment.

2 Rounds – 8 Reps


Follow along with the workout video here:

Mary Lou has been an experienced fitness and wellness coach & educator for the last 20 plus years in both the English and Spanish speaking markets. She has extensive knowledge in Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, and Sports Conditioning. Most of her exercise programs are directed towards improving Golf, Tennis, and overall fitness. As the Founder & Owner of M Fitness & Wellness in Southern California, her goal is to create an experience toward longevity and an active, pain-free lifestyle. Mary Lou’s growing passion for exercise, health, and education brings commitment and contagious positive energy in her community and beyond. Her formal training has given her an edge in the fitness industry.



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