Outdoor Exercise: In the Pool with Mary Lou Schell

Outdoor Exercise: In the Pool with Mary Lou Schell

Here’s a fun pool-based workout you can do this summer with small weights.


*SUGGESTED WEIGHT: below 5 lbs. for starters.

Water jogging with dumbbell (Straight Arms)

Start with feet hip width apart, alternating knee lifts while keeping arms straight on the side of the body. Great way to get the body warmed up and charging up your cardio while activating the core.

REPS: 2-3 rounds of 6 *


Alternating Split legs dumbbell (Straight Arms)

Start with feet hip width apart, alternating straight legs while keeping arms straight on the side of the body with dumbbell in each hand. Great way to open up the hips, work the hamstring and increase the heart rate.

REPS: 2-3 rounds of 6*


Frog Jumps with dumbbell (Arm Push-downs)

Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Place arms with elbows out and dumbbell/hands in front of chest level. With knees out wide and heels in, jump by pulling knees up and lifting feet off pool floor while pushing arms straight down with dumbbell.  Working on power, strength and more importantly flexibility.

2-3 Rounds of 6 *


Rocking Horse dumbbell (Sweeping Arms)

Start in offset foot position (one foot forward the other back) and mimic a rocking horse movement of forward and back.  Sweep arms forward and back, always having the palms facing in the direction of arm movement. Work on the balance and coordination of dumbbell. Great activation of upper & lower body, core and balance.

2-3 Rounds of 6*


Knee Bent Press back w/dumbbell

Knee bent less 90 degrees to help keep the position of dumbbell in knee crease while pressing foot behind you and returning bent knee to hip level. This exercise helps strengthen the grounded leg, open up the hip and help lift the buttocks of moving leg.

2-3 Rounds of 6*


Dumbbell Knee Side Circles

Standing sideways to the edge of pool, bend the knee furthest away from pool wall to a 90-degree angle in front of hip. Begin movement by creating a circle with the knee to open the hip laterally and circle back to starting position. This exercise is great to open the hip and work on those tougher areas of the upper hip, and inner thigh, while activating the glute muscle.

2-3 Rounds of 6*


Dumbbell Straight Arm Side Lifts (facing edge of pool)

Standing in a wide stance facing pool wall, hinge at the hip making the upper body close to parallel to pool floor. Keep arm straight and move side to side crossing the chest and going to the outside of the shoulder. Keep in mind to start the movement slow to begin, once you’re ready for more, pick up the tempo of the movement which will create more resistance.  Come close the top of the water, but no peeking with the weight out of the water. This an exercise that benefits the whole shoulder structure (front, mid and rear), back, bicep, triceps and, of course, the core.

2-3 Rounds of 6*


Dumbbell overhead press into back lunge 

Starting with feet close together, facing edge of pool. Place dumbbell in one hand press over head with knee at hip level. Take a step back with the same side leg and bring the elbow to waist and hand to shoulder.   This exercise works the body from top to bottom:  arms, core, hips and legs.

2-3 Rounds of 6*

Follow Along with Workout Video HERE:

pilates pool workout

Mary Lou has been an experienced fitness and wellness coach & educator for the last 20 plus years in both the English and Spanish speaking markets. She has extensive knowledge in Corrective Exercise, Personal Training, Group Fitness, Pilates, and Sports Conditioning. Most of her exercise programs are directed towards improving Golf, Tennis, and overall fitness. As the Founder & Owner of M Fitness & Wellness in Southern California, her goal is to create an experience toward longevity and an active, pain-free lifestyle. Mary Lou’s growing passion for exercise, health, and education brings commitment and contagious positive energy in her community and beyond. Her formal training has given her an edge in the fitness industry.



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