Enhancing Spine Health: The Spinefitter® meets Pol...

Enhancing Spine Health: The Spinefitter® meets Polestar® Pilates

In the world of Pilates equipment, few tools can match the Spinefitter when it comes to enhancing spine health and mobility. As an active member of the Pilates community, I’ve come to appreciate the Spinefitter not just for its practical benefits but also for its seamless alignment with the core Principles of Movement© developed by Polestar. In this article, we’ll explore how the Spinefitter prop and the associated course can elevate your Pilates practice and your understanding of these fundamental principles.

Harmonizing with the Polestar Principles of Movement:

Over the past three decades, Polestar has been a pioneering force in Pilates education. We have been developing and refining our transformative Polestar Principles of Movement in response to advancements in science and research. These principles serve as the foundation for all of our educational products, including the Polestar Pilates Spinefitter course, meticulously crafted by Alexander Bohlander and Nina Metternich.

The Spinefitter is more than just a prop; it’s a bridge between tradition and innovation. It seamlessly integrates with the Principles of Movement, making them come alive in your Pilates practice.

Let’s explore how:

Breath and Mindfulness
 The Principles of Movement emphasize the integration of breath and mindfulness into every Pilates exercise. The Spinefitter acts as the perfect platform to enhance your breath awareness and connect your mind with your movements. Each exercise on the Spinefitter invites you to breathe subconsciously, fostering a profound mind-body connection.

Restoring Mobility and Dynamic Alignment
Optimal spinal mobility is at the core of the Principles of Movement, and the Spinefitter excels in this regard. It’s a symmetrical, segmental facilitator for the neuromuscular system of the entire spine and pelvis, allowing you to regain mobility and alignment throughout your body.

Dynamic Control and Awareness of Movement
 The Spinefitter offers a unique opportunity to facilitate dynamic control and awareness of your movements. This prop encourages precise stimulation that wakes up the local stabilizing neuromuscular system, aligning perfectly with the Principle of Control. Through the Spinefitter exercises, you’ll refine the quality of your Pilates techniques and increase the awareness of posture, while promoting spinal health.

For movement professionals, the Polestar Pilates Spinefitter course is a valuable resource. It equips you with the knowledge and expertise to effectively incorporate this prop into your teaching, aligning your practice with the core Principles of Movement.

The Spinefitter prop and the Polestar Pilates Spinefitter course are your gateways to a more profound Pilates experience. By embracing these tools, you’ll not only elevate your practice but also deepen your understanding of the core Principles of Movement. With the Spinefitter, Pilates becomes a dynamic journey towards spinal health and mindful movement, bridging tradition and innovation in the most harmonious way possible.

Dr. Brent Anderson is a physical therapist, Pilates educator, and author of Principles of Movement. With over 30 years of experience in rehabilitation and movement science, he is passionate about the power positive movement experiences have in changing the world. Early in his career as a Physical Therapist, he discovered the power and efficacy of Joseph Pilates’s mind-body work to expedite rehabilitation outcomes inspiring him to create a program that merged rehab with the mindful movement that Pilates provides spurring the development of Polestar’s Pilates teacher training. He also host the Pilates Hour podcast, is an Assistant Professor at the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences, an adjunct professor in at the University of Miami, University of Southern California and New York University.



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