The KRN Pilates App: New functionality is here!

The KRN Pilates App: New functionality is here!

Developed in collaboration with acclaimed instructor Kathryn Ross-Nash, the KRN Pilates app is creating quite the buzz, with over 500 exercise videos, tutorials and tips focusing on authentic Pilates mat work all in the palm of your hand. We recently chatted with Balanced Body’s Paul Endelman, project manager and experience design for the app, to give us an update some really cool, new things going on.

Q: So far how has the app been doing?

A: Fantastic! There have already been thousands of customer downloads and great reviews on the app store. But we also have been getting some great customer feedback and we have been listening!

Q; Before we get into what’s new, the app is based on Kathryn’s Red Thread method of instructor training. Can you tell us a little about that?

A: Kathryn’s Red Thread method not only teaches instructors how to execute the goal of each Mat exercise, but how to build with variations and challenges. The method looks at the connection or “thread” between the current and prior exercise as well as the thread that links the spinal function of each exercise’s predecessor. It is the first time I have seen someone develop a logic-based framework for prescribing Pilates exercises that can build a client’s Pilates repertoire.

Q: OK – tell us what’s new!

A: First off – more content! You’ve already seen us add more videos of KRN herself teaching the Red Thread, and we have more coming. We’ll also have corresponding teaching tips that dig a bit deeper into showing you exactly how to use the build exercises with a client.

Q: What are “build” exercises?

Build exercises are the sets of 4 exercises within the app for instructors to help a client build the specific type of spinal mobility or spinal function needed for their next Pilates movement.

Q: How long do the “build” sets take to watch?

A: That’s another great, new feature – build exercises in their long form run anywhere from 2.5 to 4 minutes to view all 4 recommended exercises. But we’ve now broken up them up into individual exercises. This lets users see the exercises ahead of time, pick and choose exercises they think a client will like, and to skip exercises where they may not have the apparatus or prop required.

Q: So, this must make downloads faster now?

A: Sure. The long form videos could sometime take a few seconds to load. Breaking them down into individual exercise makes it almost instantaneous.

Q: Can users keep track of what exercises they’ve selected?

A: Yes, a user can now see the history of each individual exercise they’ve selected or used in an easy to reference way. It’s great for accessing exercises to quickly create customized workouts based on the needs of individual clients.

Q: Anything else to add?

A: Just for people to keep those suggestions coming. We truly use them in order to improve our functionality and content!


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