Classical & Contemporary Collide!

I reached out to Lesley Logan about eight years ago when her book Profitable Pilates: Everything but the Exercises was published. Why? Quite simply, I wanted more business blogging on The Core for Balanced Body, and she had some rich knowledge and experience that helped inspire simple action on how to take charge of your business, rates, and so much more.

Contrology Ped-o-Pul

Contrology Ped-o-Pul

At the time, I didn’t realize she was a classically trained instructor, but over the years of the growth of our friendship and mutual respect in the industry, we’ve now become partners in many ways with her business coaching program AGENCY, as well as our annual coaching program called The WE+LLthy Mindset.

Coming up for us is the next exciting step in our journey….bringing our joy and love of movement and Pilates together with classical roots and contemporary FUNctional nuances in our workshop called Classical & Contemporary Collide at Pilates on Tour Chicago. As a contemporary Pilates based movement instructor, I was thrilled to partner with Lesley in this capacity.

Balanced Body Allegro Reformer

Balanced Body Allegro Reformer

We’ll be taking the FUNctional Five, (squat, plank, lunge, bridge, core), and I’ll be giving creative ways to contemporarily achieve strength, power, performance, balance, mobility, and more using Balanced Body equipment. Then, Lesley will take us through a classical series and order to ladder up and achieve the same using the Contrology suite of equipment.

We’re looking forward to a FUN and FUNctional mash-up which will leave you feeling grateful for the history of Pilates, as well as inspired to try some fresh movement strategies in your practice.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Don’t have a ticket yet? Go grab one as it’s our ONE and only in-person Pilates on Tour for 2022.

I used to sell cheeseburgers, true story… As a self-proclaimed “Certified La Pistola” I’ve been in the international fitness, wellness, and Pilates education business for over 16 years traveling and speaking worldwide. I help instructors Level Up their programming, movement, and coaching skills through creative curriculum development, research-backed strategies, and user-friendly plug-and-play formats. Find me worldwide and virtual as a premier presenter at many fitness and wellness conferences, including Pilates on Tour, Pilates Method Alliance, IDEA®, ACSM, SCW, AFC, Pilates in Asia, and many more. And yes, I’m a former corporate marketer who specialized in fast food clients, and I left the biz and took a BIG LEAP into studio ownership, freelance marketing, and much more in 2005. My joy is creating community, championing and supporting others, and delivering my passion of Pilates and integrated movement. NCPT Certified, Balanced Body® Master Instructor, FAI Trained, BASI™ Graduate, BOSU Elite Master Trainer. Instagram: @erikaquest



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