Check out the Spinefitter Linum from SISSEL®

Check out the Spinefitter Linum from SISSEL®

Doesn’t it seem like we are more attracted to multi-use & multi-purpose products? Saving time and space, right? Yes, please!

Here are the go-to relaxation uses to the Spinefitter from SISSEL® Linum, as well as some of my favorite uses with the Spinefitter!

Whether you enjoy a warmed-up approach, cooled down from the refrigerator, or room temp, the Linum can be used to people’s preferences for maximum release of tension.

I hope you enjoy exploring the Linum on the Spinefitter or using it at the end of a long day to unwind.


Christine started her movement education path in college achieving a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology from CSU Sacramento (2011), as well as a Minor in Dance. Her combined interest of those brought her to Pilates, receiving her comprehensive training with BASI Pilates (2013). Building on knowledge from experience in physical therapy clinics, Pilates studios, and educational conferences, Christine then became a Pilates Master Instructor for Balanced Body Education (2019). In maintaining a continuous goal of expanding movement knowledge, she utilizes her mechanical and kinesiological understanding along with innovations of contemporary, Pilates-informed movement. To put it simply, she strives to help every body find their most balanced quality of movement, and feel good doing it!



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