Black History Month 2023: The Spectrum of Resistan...

Black History Month 2023: The Spectrum of Resistance



In our 2nd week of The Movement of Resistance, we furthered the concept and discussed “Friction as a Catalyst.” We move forward with week 3 and talk about resistance being a spectrum.

Resistance should progress you forward toward a goal and in week 3, we focus on bridging both as an exercise, and also as a concept! Misty and Nicky show how we can use resistance as a guide and support, not only in our movement but to push us into sometimes challenging situations and conversations to help propel positive change!

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback, so feel free to find us in our bios below and stay in touch. We’ve got GREAT NEWS! We have a wonderful FREE session with the theme of “Thoughtful Movement: Discussing and Exploring Movement and Resistance” on February 28th at 9am PT. Come meet us on the mat and let’s unite by registering HERE!



MISTY LYNNE CAUTHEN: I am the owner of Dragonfly Pilates Studios, a Professional Coach and public speaker. I was born to slay dragons, which is a complicated destiny due to the actual lack of dragons. For the past 20 years I’ve directed my energies toward educating people of all ages and stages about the power of movement to strengthen, balance, and heal their bodies. As a Balanced Body Master Instructor since 2008, I’ve trained the next generation of teachers to share the gifts of Pilates, Bodhi Suspension System, and Balanced Body Barre to their students so they can thrive in their best bodies; and as a business coach, I’ve helped movement studio owners slay the dragons that inhibit their success. My goal as a teacher is to always lead my students and clients to the joy of movement through grace, humor, and hard work. And I love telling people what to do, so that’s a bonus. NICKY TAYLOR STEWARD: My objective as a teacher is to empower clients and teachers to know and be better in their own bodies, thus making the work an integral part of their life-style. I love teaching and being a part of the process that enables someone to take ownership for changing, being better and bettering themselves. This is accomplished in client sessions and through workshops and mentoring for teachers, both new and experienced. I have been a professional functional movement teacher for 26 years and teacher trainer for 18 years. Combined with my professional dance training and career, movement and teaching movement has been a part of my life for 32 years. My movement training includes Stott Pilates, McEntire Pilates, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis. In the spring of 2020, I began a new journey with James D’Silva and Garuda.



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